Kern Education Collaborative

The Kern Education Justice Collaborative has launched a petition demanding the Kern High School District defund the KHSD Police Department ahead of KHSD's Monday board of trustees meeting in which the district will adopt its 2020-2021 district budget.

The petition was launched Thursday and by Friday afternoon it had received more than 700 signatures towards its 1,000 signature goal. The petition aims to stop increases in funding toward KHSD PD seen over the past few years, according to organizer Ucedrah Osby, chapter president of All of Us or None.

“They're planning to spend about $4 million (toward KHSD PD) and we don’t think they should go to the police,” Osby said. “We do not think police should be in school. Students feel intimidated and do not feel that it’s a learning environment.”

The petition calls for the district’s funds to be redirected from the police to hiring additional counselors, school-based social workers, psychologists, mental health clinicians and nurses. It also demands the hiring of diverse educators that “reflect the student population” and for an implementation of ethnic studies.

KHSD didn't return a request for comment regarding the petition.

Osby said she got involved with her organizations in 2017 when she observed students of color were being suspended or expelled at disproportionately higher rates than white students. She attends each board of trustees meeting but said she's been met with “resistance.”

“Our students are still being put in the school-to-prison pipeline,” Osby alleged. “They’re still getting discriminated against for their race and they don’t have people in the culture that they come from and they don’t understand.”

KHSD will hold the open session of its board of trustees meeting at 7 p.m. Monday in the board room at 5801 Sundale Ave. Citizens may submit comments via email to no later than noon Monday.

“We need the support of our entire community to show up with us and stand with us in solidarity and know this is not the best way for our children,” Osby said.

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(11) comments


If the parents would teach the kids to obey their teachers, quit bullying, and do the home work, we wouldn't need the police force at all. Let's try that one for awhile. Respect.


Exactly. I attended a Kern Co. high school in the 80s. It was great. A few years later I was back as a teacher and it was night and day. I was afraid to be there as a teacher, let alone a student. If I was a student today I wouldn't want to go if the police force was absent. My student's counselors were telling them to be defiant - the same story they got at home, "You don't have to listen to them, I'm your momma!" etc. When I grew up I was afraid of EVERY adult. Now, kids aren't afraid of anyone. This is the problem. It isn't about race or whatever other red herring. It is about being a human and treating everyone with respect.


Why have so many people lost their minds? Let these people go live in the 3-block area in Seattle controlled by the BLM, if they want no police around them. These days insanity rules and people have no common sense or any sense at all.


It's called drugs Zeppo. They worship weed and try to shut down churches. Look at the people inside CHOP/CHAZ. It's what they crave for the future of America: a lawless wasteland, stoned 24/7. They want to kill cops and God, and not be judged.

Masked 2020

Oh my…… a threesome in a circle…their all here… the folks with their Tiki-Torches continue to try to shine a very dime but persistent Light in one Rabbit-Hole in America

All Star

Who are these people? Kern county is a law and order county. The majority of people here support law enforcement.


If they eliminate the HS police it won’t even last 2 months. On campus crimes will skyrocket, the local LE will not be able to respond quickly and parents will demand that something be done. So the KHSD will have to start paying BPD and the Sheriff to come and police their campuses at a much higher rate of pay. Sounds like a brilliant course of action.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

I have a number of friends that are high school educators, on both sides of the political aisle.

Not one I've asked supports this move, but considering the alliance with the Dolores Huerta Foundation, it makes a little more sense as to where this all started- and why...


Any of you tire of the endless shakedowns yet? Ignore the mobs and have your kids hit the books. You'll be amazed what that does for your and their lives.


I agree.

Organizer Osby words are " they don’t have people in the culture that they come from and they don’t understand.”

What culture are we speaking of ?

The students and organizers must ask themselves what past events took place repeatedly that warranted security guards to gradually be placed within campus.

If the students are willing to decrease violence and eliminate verbal and physical abuse, then funds will be channeled into areas of arts, music, etc...

Show the graph/ statistics in 2 years of progress from 2016 and the board and public ( who funds these schools ) will be pressed to change.

Until then....

Independent Voter

Ridiculous concept, this abolition of police forces. The radical left always takes it too far and it always backfires. It's as if these halfwits are TRYING to get Trump elected a second term so they can finger-point and complain while doing absolutely nothing but wasting space for another four years!

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