Leticia Perez at the Kern County Board of Supervisors meeting.

The jury trial for Kern County Supervisor Leticia Perez has been vacated.

The trial had been set for late March, but lawyers for both sides are now scheduled to work out a new trial date on May 10.

Deputy District Attorney Chris Dominguez said he could not discuss the details of the decision due to a gag order.

But the move follows a vacated hearing that was supposed to take place Friday, in which lawyers were set to argue allegations that former DA Lisa Green had been racially motivated when she filed charges against Perez.

In a motion of discovery filed by Perez’s attorney H.A. Sala, he argued the DA’s office under Green attempted to prosecute Perez due to her race. The move could have had the effect of forcing Green to testify.

The DA’s office filed a motion of opposition to block the proceedings.

Perez has been charged with two misdemeanors relating to her alleged connections with the local cannabis industry.

The first charge stems from a vote Perez participated in 2017, during which she voted not to ban marijuana sales in the county. The DA’s office contends the vote was an attempt to use her position to influence a governmental decision in which she had a financial interest.

In the second charge, the DA’s office says Perez failed to disclose investments, income in real property and income in 2016.

The DA’s office first filed the charges in July 2018.

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Typical response . . . minority bias.
Next thing will be gender bias . . . !
Oh wait a minute. Both same gender.
Hmm . . . must be something else hidden in the "pot".
Sour 'grapes (of wrath)' . . . ?
Dunno 'bout Leticia, but Lisa's always been fair, incisive and unbiased.

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