Paul Golla, the new head coach at Garces High School, likes what he sees of his new team thus far, even without the pads and footballs.

On Wednesday, Golla, who shocked many when he resigned from Bakersfield High School's storied football program in February to move to Garces, talked to The Californian's Robert Price, host of the weekly "One on One" webcast, about the transition. The interview is available, on demand, now on

Next up on Price's "One on One" webcast: Michael Stewart, in what will be his first extended interview with local media since coming home to Bakersfield. The chat with Stewart, who will replace Golla on the sidelines at BHS, will be available, on demand, on Friday at noon.

Golla, who won a Division I state championship with the Drillers in 2013, says he will tailor his offensive and defensive schemes at Garces to match the personnel he has inherited.

Golla also said he will eventually look to toughen up the Rams' preseason schedule with more challenging opponents.

Stewart, a BHS graduate, brings a diverse resume to the job: After starring for the Drillers, he played safety for the Fresno State Bulldogs and then was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams; after seven years in L.A., he joined the Miami Dolphins. In his post-NFL life, Stewart has been a financial advisor, a life coach and an assistant head coach at a Southern California high school.

Stewart will talk to Price about his expectations for the team, his approach to motivation and the legacy of the Driller football program.

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