"Oildale" is coming, America.

David Mueller and Lynn Salt, director-writer-producers of the film "Oildale," are packing their Subaru in preparation for a barnstorming tour of small towns across the country. But first they'll premiere "Oildale" at the place it all started, the Bakersfield Fox Theater. The film debuts there March 30.

Mueller and Salt visited the TBC Media studios Wednesday for "One on One with Robert Price." You can watch the noontime webcast, recorded live, on bakersfield.com. It's also viewable on The Californian's Facebook page.

Among the interview's highlights: 

• Mueller talked about their good fortune in finding the old house, located in the middle of an oilfield, that served as a backdrop for much of the film. They were able to use the house, located on Highway 65, near James Road, for three months, free of charge.

• Salt discussed the importance of showcasing TBI, an affliction that affects many war veterans. The prevalence of traumatic brain injuries in veterans across the country inspired them to donate half the proceeds from the March 30 premiere to the Wounded Heroes Fund.

• Mueller talked about the day it all started, with a casting calls for local extras last year at the Fox Theater.

"Oildale" was filmed almost entirely in that distinctive enclave just across the Kern River from Bakersfield with a cast that included several local actors.

It tells the story of a group of homeless combat veterans who find "family" while renting rooms from a struggling 18-year-old girl and her 13-year-old brother. It ends with a climactic concert scene at the Fox.

Mueller is a veteran filmmaker who has worked for Universal Pictures, among other recognizable film companies. He joined the Directors Guild of America in 1996 and has directed, written and produced dozens of documentaries, national commercials and feature films.

He has degrees in Anthropology, International Education and Film from UCLA and NYU.

Tickets to the Fox premiere, set for 7 p.m. March 30, are $10 and $50. Visit thebakersfieldfox.com/ to purchase.

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