This sick coyote has been seen wandering around the Westchester neighborhood recently. 

One of the coyotes roaming Bakersfield had been treated for mange, but another remains, according to an animal group that is treating one of the animals.

A nonprofit wildlife rehabilitation organization from Simi Valley travelled to Bakersfield Sunday to track and medicate a coyote that has been spotted by Westchester residents over the past few weeks.

The team from Wildlife Care of Southern California had been sent photos by local residents with the date, time and location attached. Most of the coyote sightings reported in the media have been in the Westchester area.

Using the information, the group was able to track the coyote and feed it medicated food.

“They start to heal within the first day,” said Wildlife Care Director Anna Reams. “They stop itching and start feeling better.”

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has said they would not intervene with the coyote unless it was a public safety threat.

The city of Bakersfield Animal Control department has also said they do not get involved with wildlife issues.

Reams said the coyote treated by her organization was a young female. Now that Wildlife Care has treated the animal, Bakersfield residents should be seeing less of it.

“She’s going to revert to hanging out at night and being a little more shy and timid of people,” she said. “She’ll end up disappearing from the daily activities of people.”

Although one coyote has been treated in Bakersfield, Reams said another still roams the streets.

This coyote, an older male suffers from a more severe case of mange, and is easily distinguishable from the female coyote treated by the rehabilitation team.

Reams asked residents of Bakersfield to send photos of the untreated coyote with the time, date, and place, to the email address so that the group will have more information on the coyote’s whereabouts.

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