Almost half of all COVID-19 deaths in Kern County are now associated with the Bakersfield nursing home where an outbreak of the disease has left 41 residents and more than 40 staff members positive for the virus, according to local and state authorities.

Kingston Healthcare Center, a 184-bed skilled-nursing facility at 329 Real Road, has experienced seven deaths, the county's chief administrative officer, Ryan Alsop, tweeted Friday, attributing the information to state health officials.

There also have been five hospitalizations connected with Kingston, noted Alsop, who later added he had no further information about the cases.

Kingston's Los Angeles-based owner did not immediately respond to request for comment.

The California Department of Public Health reported Friday that fewer than 11 residents at the facility and no employees have died from the disease.

The agency said 43 staff members have tested positive for COVID-19 — Alsop said by text message he understands the number to be 45 — as confirmed Friday. The tally among patients, 41, was also reported as being confirmed Friday.

As of Thursday, the number of infections among Kingston residents was pegged at 35, which had been the official state count since Tuesday. It was posted as 19 on May 1, suggesting the total has more than doubled within a week.

Kingston is now under close supervision by the state, which has brought in more than two dozen health care workers to help staff the facility.

County public health officials reported Friday that Kern has suffered 15 deaths from COVID-19 since late March.

They stated that the county's case total has increased to 1,176 — up 33 from Thursday's count — and that 706 people have recovered from the disease. They posted information showing 407 people who have tested positive for COVID-19 are now isolating at home and 38 are in the hospital.

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(9) comments


Why we are keeping infected people in the same facility instead moving them to a COVID care facility for treatment? It is the mistake Governor Cuomo did New York does't open the eyes of Kern County Public Health officials?

Masked 2020

nconvenient Truth.... dude the body county is what........80,000... so what do you think? are we living under a Dome or maybe there is a Covid-19 force shield or...... we have special inbred resistance?....

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Doesn't this article concern Kern County?

Why are you wanting to bring up national numbers Yorkies?

Stick to your script next time...


If anyone can do the math in this article, you've a better mind than I have. But then, the entire coronavirus pandemic has been consistently chaotic and constantly contradictive.


The first cases who died from this virus were in nursing homes and the majority of covid victims were elderly and infirm yet the media broadcasted that everyone is going to die and politicians went along with it. Now that economy has been plundered by those in power the media reports the facts


Thanks to Ryan Alsop for sharing details as a leader should, something the health department has refused to do.

Independent Voter

Agreed, FreeAllDogs. And why is Public Health unwilling to put these numbers out and into perspective for us? Knowing these details certainly offers a more clear look at precisely what we are dealing with here or, as the case likely is, what this whole crisis isn't.

Independent Voter

I am then to understand that, minus the vulnerable population that has passed, we are talking about approximately 6-7 deaths in Kern County - and of this victims, we don't know if those victims had underlying conditions and/or were members of a vulnerable group. I sure would like to know. It's important to know.

Inconvenient Truth

We already know that Kern’s first Covid death was suffering from massive pre-existing health problems; Covid was just the final straw.

This new revelation regarding Kingston now leaves only 6 patients we don’t know about. How about releasing basic info that doesn’t implicate HIPPA, like whether they were of advanced aged or had underlying major health issues (co-morbidities)?

It is fundamentally unfair to require otherwise healthy citizens to agree to continue destroying their careers and lives without at least informing them of the nature of the threat from Covid they may be facing.

In medicine, I believe the term is: “Informed Consent.”

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