“Nobody is above the law” was the message from Kern County protesters who gathered in front of the Liberty Bell in downtown Bakersfield on the eve of the House of Representatives’ expected impeachment vote.

The protest was part of more than 600 national rallies calling for President Donald Trump’s impeachment and removal, said organizer Julie Solis.

About 50 Kern County residents carrying posters that said “You’re fired,” “Lock him up” and “Read the Constitution” attended the event, eager to share just how “fed up” they are with the administration and the impeachment proceedings.

“We’ve all been watching these impeachment hearings going on and it gets to a point where enough is enough, has nobody read the Constitution?” Solis asked. “We’re fed up. The community’s coming out today just to be heard and let others know it’s OK to come out of hiding in this conservative hub here in Kern County.”

Individuals were heard shouting “Impeach Trump” and “Who’s above the law? No one” while vehicles driving along Truxtun Avenue honked their horns in support.

“It’s so important to be here,” said Kern River Valley resident Ellen Schafhauser. “Nobody is above the law, and this president thought he was.”

Speeches and chants were also directed toward Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Bakersfield, who some believe is not doing his part to support justice and truth.

“He’s out of touch with us,” said Robin Whelan of Tehachapi, who said she left the Republican Party in 2016. “He’s just standing behind him ... he totally sold out.”

Throughout the rally five pickup trucks equipped with Trump 2020 and other pro-Trump flags drove up and down Truxtun Avenue. The two groups did not interact directly, however — the truck drivers blared their horns as they drove past the group, while the protesters continued their chants and speeches. Solis also said she received death threats for organizing the event.

The House of Representatives will likely vote on two articles of impeachment Wednesday — one with abuse of power and one with obstruction of Congress. For the president to be removed from office, the Senate must convict him with a two-thirds majority. Most believe the Republican-controlled Senate has already made up its mind and will keep him in office, which Solis doesn’t think is fair.

“We’re standing in front of the Kern County courthouse. If I had been in for jury duty and said someone’s guilty ... I would have been excused as a juror,” Solis explained. “I’m here in an optimistic way — we all know Trump needs to be impeached — but I’m also here out of frustration knowing that with the Senate majority and them being very impartial, how far truly is this going to go?”

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No one is above the law except Joe Biden. He can't be investigated for corruption because he is running for President. Biden withheld US aid to Ukraine until the prosecutor investigating his son was fired. But Biden is above the law....


Agreeing with the reporter that some believe that Republicans in the Senate had already made up their minds to acquit, one protester who thinks this is unfair says "We’re standing in front of the Kern County courthouse. If I had been in for jury duty and said someone’s guilty ... I would have been excused as a juror”. It's as if they haven't heard the Democrats in the House clamoring for impeachment since election day, 2016. Their minds were made up three years ago so should they be excluded from the impeachment vote?


Ill drink one to this


I bought a bottle of champagne yesterday! Impeached like the family pig!


No one is above the law except; Illegal aliens, Comey. Brennan, Clapper the Clintons and the various mayors and governors who ignore Federal Immigration Laws.


The president just needs to abscond to Michoacán, sneak across the Rio Grande, and come to California. Then he’d be above the law.


nothing quite like watching teaparty GMO freedom caucus folks twisting themselves into knots.....attacking anything and everything to avoid looking at Donald's very very bad behavior......sad.....really just sad....Vote Blue in 2020.......time to get off the crazy train....


Yorkies2014, you really have drank the cool aide. President Trump will never carry California in the 2020 election, but he will win reelection. So, welcome aboard the "Crazy Train" until 2024 and maybe one of your stable Liberal candidates can win and turn the United States into a cesspool like California.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

I see a lot of old white people in these pictures. If this had been a pro Trump rally, that's the first thing you'd say about them, wouldn't you Yorkies?


My modest proposal involves more pedestrian curbs and insurance stickers on cars.


"Nobody is above the law"..... were these pant loads speaking of Eric Holder....? who ran guns to Mexico, lied to Congress about it, was found in contempt of congress & never prosecuted by Obama’s Justice Department? I must have missed their rally at the time....


Why didn't your heroic Republican leaders prosecute Eric Holder? Oh, I get it. You want to blame everything on the Democrats.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Let me refresh your memory Finis:

Holder (i.e. Obama's justice department) refused to turn over documents related to Fast & Furious. Obama then exercised executive privilege in the case in order to protect his AG from prosecution.

Funny how nobody on the left was claiming obstruction of congress for doing that...


Same fruitcakes you see at every democrat sponsored rally in town. Five people and the local pamphlet gives them an article....


I guess you have trouble counting past five. See the photos of the impeachment rally and try to use all your fingers and toes at least ten times.


Same five people...from ten different angles! You're weak, snowflake. Practice up....

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