A state database issue prevented the Kern County Public Health Services Department from issuing updated coronavirus case numbers Saturday morning by the usual 10 a.m. time.

"Due to unforeseen issues with the state-run database, we are unable to update this dashboard at this time. Rest assured we are working diligently to get the most up to date information posted as soon as possible," Kern's public health department wrote.

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Another Independent Voter

Fraud. Any time numbers are routed to the state for "processing" prior to public release, the possibility of fraud is introduced. State government has far too much control over the information processed and disseminated.


NO NEED FOR 'OFFICIAL' NUMBERS. i OF COUSE KNOW WHAT THEY WILL BE-- IN ADVANCE. The caps lock is a nod to my innumerable fan base. You're welcome.

The numbers will once again be horrendous. The Bako approach dooms her citizens to an ugly stretch of infamy. Already the butt of every Virus commentary from every network, The Good Old Boyz of KC will continue their bizzare behavior of being suoer-spreaders. They cannot help themselves. it's born & bred into them. Years of Oilfield mentality. Generations of Dust Bowl Folk loving and laboring in 112 degree heat--and not even realizing the 70's and beaches are just an hour and a half away. So the love of misery envelopes them and they take false 'pride' in enduring misfortunes they can easily avoid. Just think 'mask-ignorance'. Thing crowded bars. Think congregating at Louigi's and breathing virus all over each other; then taking it home to infect their own parents and grandparents and neighbors.

History will look back at KC as home to Cretins and Cavemen. How intelligentis it to follow the lead of someone just because they are the head of the politicl party one favors? Blindly follw? Just favor your choice--but THINK independtly on the issues and make the smart choice. It's not a betrayal of the party-- it's an affirmation of doing what's best for your family. Ummm. Novel thoughts huh?

So the next time you feel like breathing that sick breath all over town-- stop and look at your children. Yup. Cletus, Jethro, and June-Ann deserve a chance to live a long healthy life. Try--for once in your life to make YOUR own decisions on life; not following another's views. Trump s just a man. He's not your daddy. He's not your Lord. So stop treating him like he is! Your wife--believe me-- is pretending to follow your lead-- but she likely hates that you 'follow' another man blindly. My wife looks to ME FOR LEADERSHIP. We are a team, and we follow the doctors and scientits and the data--THEN we make a decision--could be one way or the other--but never blindly along partisan lines. That would be ignorant. . NOT BLINDLY FOLLOWING SOME WIG-WEARING- ADULTERER- SERIAL-LYING RACIST.

Feel free to become one of my many followers. I embrace your apologies and forgive you. So-- go look in the mirror-- then into the eyes of your wife and children. If you sell them out to follow blindly one man and ALL his opinions; SHAME on you.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Just when I think there's hope, you blow your whole post with racist stereotypes, negative aspersions and partisanship.

You were so close too...



You know GPC, he’s almost lucid in his recent comments. But, as you said then his racist side has to come out. And asking for followers? Hmmm, lights are on but....

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