Hours after his election to the post of next House minority leader, an enthusiastic Kevin McCarthy said part of his goal is to unite not just the government but the country and he'll work "with anyone who's willing to work in moving the country forward."

McCarthy was chosen Wednesday in a closed-door meeting of House Republicans, putting the Bakersfield native in position to lead House GOP members after Speaker Paul Ryan step down at the end of his term in January. The vote was 159-43.

McCarthy said he's faced similar challenges in the past, and he looks forward to this one. He said when he was first elected to Congress in 2006 the GOP minority was steeper than it is now, and he led the party to the House majority four years later. 

"I wish I was standing in the majority, but I believe and I know that if we are able to execute our mission things will be different," McCarthy told The Californian Wednesday afternoon.

"We have to rise to the challenge every day, across the state," he said. "We will make no exceptions, make no excuses."

What does his election mean for his constituents in Bakersfield? They have a seat at the table, for every issue, McCarthy said.

Although he's in the minority of the House, McCarthy said his new position elevates his standing in connection with negotiations with foreign leaders, and with the president and Democrats regarding major pieces of legislation. 

His knowledge of policy and politics make him well-suited for the job, he said, and he'll continue to move the country in the right direction economically while opposing Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and others who he said "want to obstruct and divide America."

McCarthy said the country is too big for what he described as the Democrats' "small vision" — such as talk of impeachment — of what they want moving forward. 

"I can bring people together working as a team," McCarthy said. 

He said he wants to win back the House, and "I want to win it for every American who still believes this is the greatest country in history."

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Mr. McCarthy can bring people together by committing suicide. so can the rest of you Republican Nazis.


You didn't do very well in school, did you? The Nazi party is closer to the Socialist-Democrats of today than the Republican Ideology ever was. The Dems also started the Klan to intimidate the newly freed slaves by the Republican party. Own it. You are a racist moron pretending to be all high and moral.


Don't ya love it. All these naysayers have so much more experience than Kev in dealing with the most contentious elections and Congress in decades. Sure, a pizza joint on your resume doesn't say much . . . unless you're working to show how anyone at any level can be thrust into this complex and viscious arena. At least he's trying to put Kern and Bakersfield on the Fed Map to both mean something better and show how different we are from the rest of the country that's turning blue in its face. Ask yourself . . . are ya better off today since Trump became POTUS? Would you rather see Kev at odds with Trump?
Not me . . . and the simpering, whimpering snivelers here are few and far between . . . . (look at the votes) . . . and remind me of stupid Acosta.
Semper Fortis . . . !

Stating the obvious

Anyone riding the "blue wave" is an idiot


So we finally have a national political figure who has literally built his career around dealing with the other side. Perhaps this will be a test of the media, to see just how biased their coverage will be or not be.


@mrdwm1 - Waaaait, what? "Built his career around dealing with the other side?" How can you say that with a straight face when since the beginning of his days as part of the "Young Guns," his entire agenda has been to follow the party line on every single issue and to quietly hide in the shadows when something doesn't benefit him personally? An example: there is no leadership from him on any issue that doesn't sit with the party base. He has been openly inflammatory about liberals (his recent deleted-tweet gaffe is the most recent example). You can argue that McCarthy is a good leader for Republicans, and you'd be right. But, to say that he works with both sides of the aisle is nothing short of a flat out lie.

Ramon del Oeste

Us constituents have "a seat at the table"! That's great news. I'll call today to make an appointment. [beam]

Floyd Roberts

Again, the people in McCarthys district can expect nothing. He will be spending the next two years doing nothing but fund raising, and trying to find electable republikans to run in 2020.The only time he will be in town, will be for another fund raising. To bad those in his district won't face the reality, that McCarthy is working for the republikan party, not them. TERM LIMITS


"... says he'll unite GOP, country..." right after his town hall meeting at the Rabobank arena.

Floyd Roberts

He couldn't unite those that he helped get elected, or the rest of the party. Why did so many republicans decide to retire, or just bail? Because he didn't have the ability to bring them together, and they could see that blue wave coming,


"I think the role of the senate is to make this president a 1 term president." - Mitch McConnell----good luck in uniting the GOP. the KKK of 2018


You are a Rino. A joke


@Sheebe - I cannot figure you out. Sometimes, you post about how much you hate liberals and love Trump (see your comment below this one), but then you rail against KMac. Are you suggesting that he isn't conservative...enough?! Jesus, what do you want America to look like?


Hey, Kevin, where can I get a jar of red and pink Starbursts?


Sycophants don’t build anything but a taller platform for their heroes to stand on.


Let's start by bring our district together by understanding you are My Kevin. Not Trumps Kevin.

Only thing you need to talk to trump about is his tenacious lying.


Poor little hurt Troll. You liberals are truly worthless

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