The attorney representing an underage girl filed a lawsuit Thursday against the Delano Joint Union High School District alleging that a former student affairs specialist there engaged in a pattern of sexual misconduct with minors that lasted for years.

The suit, filed by Bakersfield attorney Daniel Rodriguez, comes three weeks after an underage girl told Delano police she was sexually assaulted in 2014 by Bobby-Scott Campos Perigo, the 28-year-old former student affairs specialist at Delano High School, according to search warrant documents that became available this week.

District officials have not received the lawsuit and won’t comment on it until they review the allegations, district spokesman Tom DeLapp said.

Perigo has repeatedly failed to respond to requests for comment about the case from The Californian.

The accusations in the Delano Police Department reports filed in Kern County Superior Court are the latest in a string of sexual misconduct allegations that have been made against Perigo.

He admitted to police last month that he carried on a sexual relationship with another underage girl who worked as a student aide in his school’s office. In that case, the Kern County District Attorney’s office has charged Perigo with three counts of unlawful sexual intercourse and one count of oral copulation with a minor. He has pleaded not guilty.

Perigo has since resigned from his job. He has also admitted to sexual misconduct with minors in the past, according to police reports. But the current prosecution of him is his first.

The allegations in Rodriguez’s lawsuit are the same ones that were brought to the attention of Delano police three weeks ago.

According to the filing, Rodriguez’s client told police March 31 that Perigo began contacting her through Snapchat and built a relationship with her in 2014 when she was a student at Delano High. Then he made her follow him into a locker room one day where he proceeded to kiss her, she told detectives.

She pushed away from Perigo. He responded by taking down his pants, the documents state.

“Perigo then exposed his genitals, grabbed her hand and made her touch his penis,” the document states.

In an interview, Rodriguez said the Delano district violated a federal law that requires certain protections and programs be in place to prevent sexual abuse, harassment and discrimination.

“This is a district-wide situation going on for a very long period of time. It’s a pattern, and that’s the basis for a Title IX lawsuit,” Rodriguez said.

Perigo’s pattern, Rodriguez said, was to compliment underage girls at school, then build a relationship on social media with them before luring them in sexually. Perigo wouldn’t be able to do that without holding his position at the high school campus, Rodriguez said.

“It’s the type of situation or culture where he could get away with approaching young and impressionable girls and take advantage of them because of his position. He had access to all these girls at the high school,” Rodriguez said.

The suit names as defendants Delano Joint Union High School District, Superintendent Rosalina Rivera, Assistant Superintendent James Hay, board member Jean Flores, Perigo co-worker Juan Brito, and Perigo’s mother, Anna, who has served as a Delano high school district board member since 2008.

Rodriguez’s suit claims the underage girl was in a subordinate position to Perigo and that he had “a relationship of authority over her.” She was forced to tolerate the relationship because of that, the suit claims.

Rodriguez filed a government claim — a precursor to a civil suit — against Bobby-Scott Campos Perigo, among others, April 11. That claim requires a 45-day grace period for the district to respond before a suit can be filed.

He can skip the usually required government claim and file this latest suit because a pattern has been established, Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said he will seek through his lawsuit a “real screening process” for job applicants that ensures “sexual predators aren’t slipping through the cracks.”

It remains unclear whether district officials — including Anna Perigo — knew about Perigo’s alleged history of sexual misconduct with minors when they hired him full-time as a bus driver in 2010. Perigo was promoted in 2014 to a student affairs specialist.

Brito, Perigo’s co-worker, has been arrested on suspicion of knowing about but not reporting Perigo’s relationship with the girl at the heart of the ongoing criminal case.

The new Delano police documents say Perigo was “working in conjunction” with Brito to lure and seduce victims through social media sites.

The DA’s office has not filed any charges against Brito.

The Californian has also been unable to reach Brito for comment on this case.

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