New Kern County District Attorney Cynthia Zimmer kicked off her term with an elaborate oath of office ceremony Friday, attended by hundreds of the county’s top officials and law enforcement agents.

The entrance to the Kern County Administrative Center was decorated with sheer white canopies, draped throughout the rotunda, and gilded chairs. Two overflow rooms were made available to accommodate the crowd, and attendees included a laundry-list of the county’s top politicians and their allies both past and present, including former District Attorney Ed Jagels and Republican political powerhouse Cathy Abernathy.

The ceremony, presided over by Jagels, kicked off with a ten-minute slideshow that displayed photos of Zimmer posing next to people who helped her throughout her career. The “Game of Thrones” theme song and “Sweet Child of Mine” by Guns N’ Roses played in the background.

“Winter has come,” Zimmer said at one point, quoting the popular HBO series "Game of Thrones" in referring to the county’s high crime rate and the atmosphere in Sacramento, which she characterized as being out of touch with the realities of criminal justice. “But winter is our season.”

She promised to work with law enforcement to help bring down the crime rate as well as the amount of unsolved homicides on the books in law enforcement offices.

Zimmer personally paid for the event, Abernathy said, which also included a reception with desserts and a small buffet.

The ceremony ended with the crowd being asked to participate in a rendition of “God Bless America” accompanied by a trumpet. Near the end of the song, some in the crowd became noticeably emotional.

Former State Sen. Jean Fuller administered the oath of office to Zimmer, and many law enforcement officials lavished praise on the new top lawyer for the county.

Former Kern County Sheriff Carl Sparks spoke during the event.

“She loves nothing more than to send bad guys to prison,” he said of Zimmer, before noting he thought she would do a great job in her new role.

"I’m thrilled. I think she’ll do a tremendous job," Abernathy said. "It’s an important job right now especially between gangs and street crime and all the things Kern and other counties are faced with because the Legislature keeps letting bad people out of prison, and reducing sentences and the job is being put on the locals to try to control all of it."

This was the second oath of office ceremony Zimmer had taken part in, according to Deputy District Attorney Joseph Kinzel.

Kinzel said Zimmer had taken the oath of office in a small ceremony at her parent’s house on Thanksgiving Day.

During Friday’s event, Zimmer’s 98-year-old mother sat with her siblings in the front row.

“I am humbled and honored that the voters of Kern County have placed their trust in me,” Zimmer said. “I give God the glory.”

Megan Person, a spokeswoman for county government, confirmed county taxpayers are not paying for the event. 

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DA Cynthia Zimmer will make Kern proud as she fights to make our communities safer for our law abiding families.
Having attended the ceremony I can’t attest to it being a wonderful event that saw wide political and racial diverse attendance of support for our new DA and her staff.
Congratulation Cynthia Zimmer!


is Carl Sparks OK?

She Dee

The last sentence in this story is somewhat puzzling. It does confirm that the taxpayers are not paying for the event...yet it leaves out the telling to the public just who paid for this event. Does the public still have the right to know things of this nature, or have things changed while I was getting old & out of touch?


inducted while under investigation
induction is self centered but "sweet 16" birthday-like... creepy
induction includes ed jagels...who has a checkered history as dictator of kern.
well, this is the outcome of kern not voting


so who pays for this circus? and why are all those county/city employees not at their jobs?


Wow!! Commenters come out of the rotten woodwork when Cynthia makes a headline. It’s apparent she brings out the sour grapes in slackers.


Is this a serious comment? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that she was awful to people for the first 30 years of her career, then got her little nephew Zack Scrivner to have Kevin McCarthy super low-info voters into electing her by making illegal commercials and putting his face on flyers, and having a hilariously out of touch Nuremberg Rally of a swearing in while the county is in a financial crisis. Maybe it has something to do with that. Just a thought.


Nah, you’re just a slacker and that’s what slackers do.


Those who voted for Ms. Zimmer must be thrilled to know that along with her, we now have the focal point of "Mean Justice" back with us, at our own expense.

Concerned Citizen of Bakersfield

Creepier than a cult revival, more embarrassing than the 200 medals and ribbons affixed to the uniform of a third world dictator, and featuring the return of a mid level representative of Satan himself in that zombie-like former District Attorney who orchestrated the Witch Hunt...

The Jackal

Yes exactly. Well said.


Which God gets the glory? Is she a Baha’i? Jew? Mormon? Greek Orthodox? Hindu?


Paid for with the illegal campaign funds that she used to high-Jack the election. This is arrogance and corruption on display.


“Swearing-in?” No, no, our new District Attorney wouldn’t be limited to something so common. This was a coronation. Oh, are you having historic budget trouble, Kern County? Don’t worry, our newest elected official who thinks she’s a Game of Thrones character will force hundreds of county employees to sit and watch a painfully out of touch monument to her vanity while they get paid by taxpayers. Did Lisa Green get sworn in like this? Somehow I think the answer is no.


Lisa . . . ? Are you there? Lisa, I always thought you were the best . . .so . . .?


Now we must bow when her Highness enters the room after we arise with eyes looking down. Do not EVER question her politics.


WOW unbelievable....let them eat cake

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