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The man shot and killed by California Highway Patrol officers on Aug. 4 near the Tejon Outlets had refused police orders, kept grabbing at his waistband and advanced toward an officer, according to new details in a report released Monday.

CHP responded to a 911 call of a car driving erratically on northbound Interstate 5 near Gorman. The car was speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, and driving in the emergency lane, according to the Kern County Sheriff's Office report.

A CHP officer attempted to stop the car, but the driver, Marvin Urbina, 19, of Downey, didn't stop and instead exited the interstate onto Laval Road. Urbina lost control of his car, causing the car to roll and strike an SUV, according to the report. The driver of the SUV suffered minor injuries.

Additional CHP officers arrived on scene and repeatedly gave orders to Urbina to exit his car, according to KCSO. Urbina refused and was observed continuously reaching into his waistband, according to the report. After several minutes, Urbina got out of his car, and police said he was reaching for his waistband and advancing toward a nearby officer.

The officer shot Urbina with a department-issued rifle. The Kern County Fire Department immediately began to render medical aid to Urbina, but he died on the scene.

Police say a fixed blade knife was located in the front passenger seat of Urbina's car.

The officer involved in the shooting, a 12-year veteran of CHP, has been placed on routine administrative leave during the investigation.

Anyone with information about the incident is urged to contact KCSO at 861-3110. 

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I’ll preface my statement with this: I wasn’t there. But....

Here we are again in a situation where a law enforcement officer shoots somebody 5 times because they were “reaching”. If you or I shot and killed someone because they were “scary, and reaching for their waistband”, you or I would be headed to prison. I’m so tired of police having zero repercussions for what amounts to state sanctioned murder. If a suspect pulls out a weapon, the officer SEES the weapon, and the suspect advances, then by all means. Protect yourself. Protect the public. But for God’s sake, can we stop allowing police to kill because they MIGHT be in danger? It’s ridiculous that we’ve been conditioned that this is in any way acceptable. Again....wasn’t there, so. Just basing this off what typically comes out of these stories.


These are tough issues because these situations can turn from routine to dangerous very quickly. You mention that police should not be allowed to kill if they "might" be in danger. Distinguishing between "might" and "are" is obviously a matter of judgment, and judgment which must be exercised in a split second.

A CHP officer was shot and killed Monday in Riverside. The officer was impounding a vehicle when the perpetrator took a rifle from his truck and began shooting. That routine stop turned deadly quite rapidly.

I think we all agree that law enforcement officers should exercise sound judgment. But put yourself in their shoes. I think many of us would have a tendency to shoot one second early as opposed to one second late when engaged in one of these confrontations.


Well, lets see...the guy was reportedly driving in a reckless manner for many miles, using the emergency lane, weaving in and out of traffic. Obviously he had no concern for anyone else on the road with him When officers tried to stop him, he fled and rolled his car onto a freeway onramp, striking another car with a woman and baby inside. Then he refuses repeated orders by officers to exit his vehicle (ten minutes' worth). Upon FINALLY exiting his vehicle, he stupidly repeatedly reaches for his waistband, a common area for criminals to carry weapons. He is again told by officers to NOT do that. Then he advances toward an officer while reaching again for his waistband, and is shot. SO, how much time should these people be given? How many orders do these idiots have to be given to comply? And which fraction of a second do YOU choose to make a life or death decision? You're weren't there. Probably a good thing.

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