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A new city manager has been selected, but the city of Bakersfield does not plan to announce who has been chosen until Friday.

Less than a week after former City Manager Alan Tandy retired, former Councilman Mark Salvaggio says the city has picked a new city manager.

The City Council met in closed session earlier this week to interview a handful of finalists. A consultant had initially narrowed down a list of around 25 applicants to what it considered the top choices, with the council set to make the final decision.

Bakersfield spokesman Joe Conroy said the city anticipated a contract to be placed on the agenda for Wednesday’s meeting, when the new city manager will be officially hired.

He said the city would likely make the announcement on the day the agenda becomes public, which is typically the Friday before the meeting.

Rumors, however, have swirled around town since the city’s closed-door interviews. On Tuesday, The Ralph Bailey Show said it had learned the name of the city’s selection. Without citing sources, the show said Christian Clegg, deputy city manager of Stockton, had been hired.

Salvaggio said on Wednesday he had been told by a person with knowledge of the proceedings that Clegg, indeed, had been selected as the next city manager.

Clegg did not immediately respond to requests for comment and the city of Stockton referred calls to the city of Bakersfield. Conroy said the city could neither confirm nor deny the rumor spreading around town.

“Obviously the council is keeping tight wraps on their selection,” Salvaggio said. “If they voted in the closed session, to hire someone, that vote should be announced to the public.”

According to Clegg’s biography on the city of Stockton’s website, he began with the city in 2011 and has been a part of the leadership team that “rebuilt” the city. The website states he led the implementation and directs the Office of Violence Prevention.

Before arriving in Stockton, the website says, Clegg worked with government management teams in Johnson County, Kan., and the city of Tacoma, Wash.

He has a master’s degree of public administration from the University of Kansas, the website states.

The city of Stockton, itself, had its city manager news this week.

On Tuesday, the city announced that the former city manager of Cincinnati, Ohio, Harry E. Black, had been selected to head Stockton. According to the Stockton Record, Black was a finalist for several city manager positions throughout the country, including Gainesville, Fla., and Corpus Christi, Texas. Black replaces Kurt Wilson, who was fired in July, as Stockton city manager.

Officials in Stockton were quoted in The Record saying Black was the best of the four finalists selected by the city.

But in Bakersfield, the waiting game continues for an official announcement.

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The Ralph Baily Show had three sources, hardly a rumor. The radio folks are just better at digging up news than the print folks.

All Star

When and where did Sam Morgan interview former councilman Mark Salvaggio for this story?

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