Jaime Osuna

Following his sentencing to life in prison without parole, murderer Jaime Osuna waves bye to the family of Yvette Pena, the woman he killed six years earlier. Osuna is now suspected of killing his cellmate. 

A heavily tattooed Bakersfield man sentenced to life without parole in the torture and murder of a woman in 2011 is now suspected of killing his cellmate at the California state prison in Corcoran.

Jaime Osuna, 31, has been placed in a restricted housing unit after correctional officers found his cellmate, Luis Romero, dead Saturday morning, according to prison officials.

Romero, 44, was serving life without parole for a murder conviction in Los Angeles County in 1992. Cause of death is under investigation.

In 2017, Osuna pleaded guilty to five charges — including first-degree murder — in the grisly slaying of Yvette Pena, 37.

Her body was found Nov. 13, 2011, at the El Morocco Motel. Prosecutors said she suffered "truly horrific" injuries, and coroner's officials ruled Pena died of blunt force injuries, sharp-force injuries and asphyxia.

During his sentencing hearing, Osuna waved at Pena's relatives and gave a thumbs-up upon being sentenced to life in prison. 

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rest in Peace......Yvette......who in god's name thought it was a good idea to give this dude a roommate?


he will be protected by newsoms sanctuary city bs and the aclu...


He probably had a horrible child hood and we all should show compassion.......with that said give him a long step with a short rope.


This guy makes Richard Ramirez look like a door to door bible salesman. Put him to sleep.


There should be a “fast pass” to the gas chamber, gallows or rifle range for people like this. Two strikes and you are out. No reason taxpayers should buy him another meal, dentist appointment or anything for that matter. Enough is enough. For the politician or liberal who bleeds with sympathy and thoughts of rehabilitation we can let you be his room mate or let him reside with your daughter or loved one.


Gas chamber is the easy way out. Torture him as he tortured the people he killed then put him in a hole and let him rot to a slow death. No.dentist, medical, commissary, nothing but bread and water


Once again, Bakersfield is a really violent place.


Bakersfield isn't the only bad place. It's a large city now and more violence is happening but Chicago and many more are worse

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