For the family of Yvette Pena, Monday's court hearing was an opportunity to speak about the enduring loss they feel in connection with Pena's brutal slaying in 2011.

For Jaime Osuna, the man who tortured and killed Pena, it was one last chance to mock the family. He rolled his eyes and smirked as Pena's relatives addressed the court.

Osuna, 29, gave a thumbs-up sign as Judge John S. Somers sentenced him to life without parole. And he waved at Pena's relatives before deputies took him away.

Danielle Gonzales, Pena's younger sister, told the court there's no such thing as closure when someone you love dies in "such a tragic way." The pain she feels is the same as it was when she was first notified of the killing, she said.

"Five years, six months and two days later the hurt is still just as bad as the night I got that knock on my door," Gonzales said. 

Osuna pleaded guilty in March to five charges including first-degree murder. 

Pena's body was found Nov. 13, 2011, at the El Morocco Motel. Osuna was arrested five days later after officers surrounded an apartment he was staying at in the 400 block of Real Road.

Coroner's officials ruled Pena died of blunt force injuries, sharp-force injuries and asphyxia. Prosecutor Nicholas Lackie declined to go into the details of what he described as "truly horrific" injuries inflicted upon the victim.

Lackie said Osuna's behavior Monday was much the same at each earlier court hearing. He said Osuna appeared amused by the process and acted as if he enjoyed the attention.

"It's truly reprehensible," Lackie said.

The heavily tattooed Osuna, who goes by the nickname "Lokito," admitted in an interview with KBAK Channel 29 he was one of the last people with Pena, but denied killing her. He said the motel room was used for prostitution and to get high on methamphetamine.

Osuna claimed he knew the names of the other people who were with him and Pena the day she died, and would give those names in court. He never did, and Lackie said there is no information to take action regarding his allegations.

While rehabilitation is one of the purposes of prison, Osuna indicated he will not change. 

Gonzales, during her comments to the court, said Osuna has smiled during the 12 court hearings she attended in the case. She said she hoped one day he would feel remorse. 

Osuna immediately shook his head and repeatedly mouthed, "No."

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Michelle Valdez

I knew the victim personally. She was a beautiful woman inside and out. I pray for her family her children. I know Jesus welcomed her sweet soul with open arms.


You tortured this young woman and sounds like you stabbed her. Be prepared to be stabbed yourself by many large men, hopefully daily if not hourly for the rest of your life you POS!


Now we get to pay to keep this POS alive and healthy for the next 50 years....


Someone needs to use the star in the middle of his forehead as a bullseye. He's as stupid as he looks and acts.


Wasn't this guy in Suicide Squad? Only without the ethics.

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