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The murder trial for a Twin Oaks woman accused of gunning down and burying a woman in a shallow grave ended in a hung jury Friday. 

Cori Dean Cotton, 35, pleaded not guilty in 2018 to charges of murdering 39-year-old Kristin Goldsberry, attempted murder of Goldsberry’s boyfriend as well as voluntary manslaughter and assault with a deadly weapon.

The trial was declared a mistrial. Cotton has a status conference hearing scheduled July 26 and a retrial is scheduled to begin August 26. 

According to court documents, Cotton shot Goldsberry twice in the head during an argument in the 19000 block of Back Canyon Road in the Twin Oaks area in March 2017. She also allegedly attempted to shoot the woman’s boyfriend — whose name is redacted in the documents — but missed.

Cotton then allegedly buried the body with the assistance of 56-year-old Bret Stroud.

After the boyfriend notified law enforcement of the incident of the shooting, investigators conducted a search of Cotton’s residence and found several firearms. Cotton was subsequently arrested, according to court documents.

Stroud was also arrested and admitted to helping bury Goldsberry's body, documents said. He led investigators to the body and to the location of the 9mm handgun he said Cotton used to kill her.

Cotton was released from custody after charges against her were dismissed in December 2018 by the Kern County District Attorney’s Office due to a lack of enough evidence.

However, she was re-arrested in August 2018 and new charges were filed against her after more evidence was uncovered.

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