Sabrina Limon as seen Friday during her trial on murder and other charges in the death of her husband. 

Seated in a Kern County Sheriff's Office interview room, Detective Robert Meyer repeatedly asks Sabrina Limon to tell him everything she knows about her husband's killing, specifically about her lover's role in it. 

Upon her November 2014 arrest, other detectives had already told Limon they knew she was carrying on an affair with Jonathan Hearn, and could prove Hearn gunned down her husband in a Tehachapi railway yard three months earlier. They booked her into jail.

But she later asked to speak with Meyer, the lead investigator, who agreed to see her in a room at sheriff's headquarters. Meyer listens to Limon tell him about how she and Hearn first met and about their affair in a recording played for jurors Tuesday in Limon's murder trial. 

Meyer tells Limon about the thousands of phone calls and text messages investigators recorded between her and Hearn in the months after the killing. He says those messages suggested she knew far more about her husband's death than she was letting on. 

He describes in detail how Hearn drove to her husband's workplace and gunned him down. 

It's time to tell the truth, Meyer says. He tells her she won't get another chance. 

"I know everything," Meyer says. "I've lived your life the past three months."

Limon, however, denies again and again knowing Hearn had killed her husband. She says he'd been acting stressed lately, but she believed it was due to their mutual worry that their affair would come to light. 

"An affair is nothing," Meyer responds. "But murder? That's huge."

The recording, at four hours and 40 minutes, took up the bulk of Tuesday's proceedings in Limon's trial on charges including murder and attempted murder.

Prosecutor Eric Smith has presented evidence, including tens of hours of wiretapped calls between Limon and Hearn, he says show she conspired in the killing of her husband. 

Richard Terry, Limon's attorney, has acknowledged his client and Hearn were involved in an affair, but argued Hearn acted alone in the killing. The only evidence against Limon is the word of Hearn, Terry said, whom he described as a "calculating, cold-blooded killer" who testified against his client in return for a prison sentence of 25 years and four months. 

Limon, 37, faces a life term if convicted. 

In the recording played Tuesday, Meyer expresses incredulity over Limon's assertion she didn't tell investigators about her relationship with Hearn after her husband was killed because she didn't want people knowing about her affair. He questions how an affair compared with providing information that could help nab her husband's killer.

The detective says there's no doubt Hearn killed her husband. He says Hearn wanted to be with her and her children. He wanted her husband's life.

There's also no doubt, Meyer says, that Hearn could not have found the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway office in Tehachapi where Robert Limon was working the day of his death without help.

Sabrina Limon admits in the recording that she told Hearn how to get there and that her husband would be working there Aug. 17, 2014. She says she told him because she thought maybe the two of them could get together that day. 

Meyer doesn't buy it. He says her explanation doesn't make sense, that there's no logical reason Hearn had to know exactly how to get to Robert Limon's workplace.

"I want you to tell me more," he said. "I want you to tell me everything."

In the recording, Sabrina Limon goes back and forth on whether, after the killing, she suspected Hearn was involved. She says he never gave anything away "in words," other than the day before their arrest when he told her the person captured in a surveillance image and identified as a suspect "might be him."

Hours into the interview, Meyer and Sabrina Limon leave the room for a break. When they return another investigator, Kavin Brewer, joins them.

While Meyer was soft-spoken and patient, Brewer immediately peppers Sabrina Limon with questions and wastes no time telling her he believes she's involved in her husband's murder. 

"You need to tell us how you're not an accomplice to this murder," he says.

The shooting looked "fishy" from the beginning, he tells her. There was nothing worth stealing in the BNSF office, yet other nearby offices held valuables that could have been sold. 

Brewer tells her everyone else they've contacted who knows Hearn identified him as the person in the surveillance image. He says she should recognize him better than anyone but somehow can't identify him. 

Sabrina Limon tells Brewer it's her fault her husband was killed because she gave Hearn the address. Brewer agrees with her.

She continues to deny, however, that Hearn told her he killed Robert Limon, or that she knew he did it or planned her husband's death. 

Earlier in the recording, Meyer notes she stood to gain hundreds of thousands of dollars in life insurance money. 

Sabrina Limon tells him she doesn't care about money.

"If I was in your shoes right now, I wouldn't care about money either," Meyer says. "I'd care about survival, about staying out of prison for the rest of my life. That's what I'd care about."

The trial resumes Wednesday morning with Terry questioning Meyer.

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