The Kern County Public Health Services Department announced 107 new COVID-19 cases Tuesday morning, and two more coronavirus-related deaths in Kern.

There have now been 4,665 cases locally and 70 virus-related fatalities, according to county data.

The county reported 1,180 patients are recuperating at home while 99 are being treated at local hospitals. More than 3,300 Kern residents who have contracted the virus have recovered, according to the county health department.

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Masked 2020

someone said that they are already short of nurses in the local ICU's...

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Yorkies- who is this "someone"?

Another figment of your deranged mind?? :)


So time eat your words Genie I told you that you were soooo wrong on virus. Arrogance and ignorance just slapped down by science and fact. Not bluster and undeserved self-righteousness. Ya loved Fat Boy well here ya go: ICU in Houston: filled. Infections in Florida exceed 10k per day- more tha NY at it’s peak. Texans on their knees now begging for masks. Cali and 9 other states shutting down—again. Almost EVERY state on upswing. 100k infections predicted nationwide Kern shuts bars. Again. Restaurants next. Total lockdown in USA just weeks away. I told you so. And all folks had to do was simply wear masks... not group up and we could be enjoying a great future. But nooooo. Let’s all walk around like King Idiot with no mask. Much McConnel. Pence. All Republicans are now wearing masks. why? Cuzz they now realize how soooo gullible about this. A 5th grader coulda told them it was soooo obvious. See ya in two weeks when the debacle really ramps up

Gene Pool Chlorinator


OK, our resident troglodyte comes out for his monthly proof of ignorance...

What words do I have to eat? When did I ever say this wasn't serious?

If there's anyone that looks like a fool, it's you and your infamous "10,000 people here are going to die!" statement from earlier.

The problem is, when you post under alternate handles, you end up forgetting who you've been attacking.

Do you really think this surge in cases is caused by opening bars? I guess the tens of thousands of shoulder-to-shoulder protesters over the past few weeks haven't resulted in any COVID cases, right? Yeah, I know, it won't fit into your narrative, but you should at least consider it.

I would think that someone who turned down an MIT PhD, would be a little more scientific with their analysis...

I turned down a PhD in Applied Economics from the Wharton School at UPenn- did I tell you that?

James Rinkevich

Many of these cases are old. It would be helpful if Kern county implemented a faster turn around on reporting new cases. if they bought and trained people to run ddPCR systems the whole county could be tested in a month and result would 500x more accurate than RT PCR and returned in a couple of hours.


Dr. Fauci said we may be at 100,000 cases a day if we dont get a coherent national policy on this. But don't you have to have a coherent President to do that?

Now China says they've detected a new type of swine flu called G-4. Grrrreeeeeaaaaat!

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