It's almost too easy.

1. Hand over $20.

2. Take comfort in knowing that every dollar is dedicated to helping local families with sick children.

3. Get a box of arguably some of the best candy in the known universe.

Yes, we're talking Dewar's chews.

Dewar's Candy Shop on Eye Street hosted the sixth-annual Cupid's Challenge on Wednesday, a Mendiburu Magic Foundation fundraiser that has become a tradition at the popular location. Organizers set up a temporary drive-thru in Dewar's parking lot and smiling volunteers delivered boxes of the famous chews to dozens of car windows.

"I do love that the funds stay local, supporting local families in need," said Mike Dewar, a fourth-generation co-owner of the local confectioner and ice cream shops.

"For $20 you can make a difference," he said. "And you get some good candy out of it."

The foundation, based in Bakersfield, partners with 13 hospitals throughout the state to support families of local kids dealing with serious illnesses to ensure they have the assistance they need during difficult times.

It can be as simple as helping with the cost of gas, food and lodging for parents who suddenly find themselves shouldering expenses that were never anticipated.

Bakersfield resident Don McMurtrey drove through Wednesday afternoon and picked up four boxes.

"We give them away as gifts," he said of the chews. "It's a good cause."

Sandy Boetger said she supports the fundraiser each year. This year, she picked up a box for her best friend who doesn't have a date on Valentine's Day.

Bakersfield Police Department Lt. Brent Stratton was there purchasing multiple boxes of chews for "around the office," he said.

Officers from BPD volunteered early Wednesday morning to help set up the drive-thru and volunteer station. They worked until mid-morning.

"We do a lot with Mendiburu Magic," he said. "It's a great organization for us to partner with and volunteer with."

While the drive-thru funding drive ended at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Dewar said people can come in until the end of February to support the foundation through the purchase of chews.

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