John Wooner

John Wooner

The McFarland City Council announced that it officially terminated City Manager John Wooner's contract for cause Friday.

The City of McFarland city council placed Wooner on paid administrative leave for 30 days beginning on May 14, the day he went missing. His administrative leave ended June 13. 

Wooner was last seen in the early evening May 14 at Hillcrest Cemetery in Bakersfield. He was wearing a white dress shirt and khaki pants and driving a silver Dodge Durango with California license plate 1390353.

Although no evidence exists that suggests anything violent happened to Wooner, the Bakersfield Police Department has opened an investigation into his disappearance as it errs on the side of “over-investigating,” said BPD Public Information Officer Nathan McCauley.

“All accounts were that he was coming home and then he wasn’t,” McCauley said on May 17, adding that Wooner's wife reported him missing. “It’s very unusual for people that go to work and come home every day to just stop doing that.”

The Bakersfield Police Department is continuing its investigation into Wooner's disappearance. 

Kern County Secret Witness is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to Wooner's location.

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Talk about a cold heart-ed city. He goes missing and you terminate him. So kind of you. He looks like he was dedicated and did his job. What if he was a victim of a crime. This is really cold heart-ed. Karma is very real. Just know that.

Kenneth Hampson

What? Did you read the story? He was terminated "for cause." He was put on paid administrative leave the day he disappeared. It's pretty clear he had done something wrong in his official duties as City Manager. Put two and two together.


In this case the use of the word terminated seems extremely classless on McFarlands city part. Time to donate a thesaurus to McFarlands public affairs department.

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