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A Downey man died Sunday night after he was shot by at least one California Highway Patrol officer, Kern County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Angela Monroe said Monday, but it's not yet known if the man shot at officers.

Marvin Alexis Urbina, 19, who officers reported was driving recklessly, was pronounced dead at the Laval Road north entrance of Interstate 5, according to the sheriff's office and the coroner's office.

At about 7:18 p.m. Sunday, the CHP was called for reports of a reckless driver at Interstate 5 and Gorman Road. The driver, later identified as Urbina, was spotted at the base of the Grapevine. Officers tried to stop Urbina, but he fled, Monroe said.

The driver crashed with another car about a mile down the road at Interstate 5 and Laval Road, Monroe said, which is where the shooting happened at about 7:42 p.m.

It is unclear if Urbina was armed or made any threatening motions toward any officer.

Ethan Adams was sitting in the passenger seat of his car when he saw fire trucks and first responder vehicles near the on-ramp. Three CHP officers were walking toward Urbina and were "surrounding the suspect," Adams said, holding what he believed to be AR-15s.

"I was just shocked that it happened so fast," Adams said, adding he was concerned about anyone driving nearby.

Adams said he didn't see the suspect's hands or arms go up as the officers approached Urbina, and he also couldn't see whether he was holding a weapon.

Another eyewitness, Leslie Reid, 30, was traveling from Phoenix to Fresno when Urbina's vehicle crashed into a vehicle with a woman and a child that was in front of her own.

"We were just getting on in the on-ramp and his vehicle came flying out of nowhere," she said. "It flipped. It hit and flew through the air. The cops were right on his tail."

The woman and the child were pulled to safety by the officer Reid said.

A standoff for over 10 minutes ensued, ending when she heard four shots.

Reid did not see the man later identified as Urbina throughout the standoff, she said. The view was blocked by the vehicle officers used as a barricade.

CHP confirmed its officers carry AR-15s in their cars.

Monroe could not provide additional details about KCSO's investigation into the shooting.

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