Mario Thompson pleaded not guilty during his formal arraignment Thursday afternoon. Thompson faces a felony charge of impersonating an officer and misdemeanor counts of false report of an emergency, impersonating a peace officer, brandishing a replica firearm and other weapons offenses.

Following an active shooter alert at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital on Tuesday, Mario Thompson told police he made the false report to "test" law enforcement readiness, according to court documents obtained Friday.

Those documents also say he was found in possession of two cans of tear gas and a fake police badge, and that he later admitted to an addiction to narcotics pain medication.

Thompson was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of making false reports of active shooters twice at Bakersfield hospitals — the other was at Mercy Southwest in early August. The false alert this week prompted more than 100 police and emergency responders to swarm the hospital, and shut down the six-story facility that has 420 hospital beds for hours while a room-by-room security sweep was conducted. 

In a jailhouse interview Wednesday night, Thompson said he was not involved in reporting the alerts. He said he had gone to Bakersfield Memorial for pain, was given some opioid painkillers and was leaving when the alert was sounded. He said the drugs he was given took effect as he talked with police.

"I could've said anything," he told The Californian during the interview. "I was doped up on medication."

The report went on to say that Thompson, 46, told hospital security he was an off-duty, undercover police officer and showed a metal security badge and a nylon pouch emblazoned with the word "police" in gold letters. When officers arrived, Thompson continued to act like a police officer, helping officers clear the hospital and brandishing a BB gun, which was indistinguishable from a real firearm.

Officers searched Thompson and found he was carrying two cans of tear gas, a BB gun, a security badge, the nylon pouch and 1½ pills of Xanax, used to treat anxiety and panic disorder. Thompson told police he was chemically dependent on narcotic pain medications. 

Thompson told The Californian he works as a "freelance loss prevention officer" in Santa Monica on the weekends and has been diagnosed with learning disabilities and a personality disorder.

Thompson has pleaded not guilty and is being held on $100,000.

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Now his "test" will include a test of our justice system.


Ridiculous comment by Irlopez , if thats "EXACTLY" how the police roll then why didn't it happen? They showed up, they did their jobs, they protected and they served. Very glad there wasn't a shooter - now lets get that false alarm guy some mental help.


IRLopez hates cops. It is evident in every post he makes regarding KC law enforcement. I suspect he had dealings with cops before and got mad because he refused their commands and got taken to the deck like many of the thugs that the cops have to shoot or beat.


I bet you're EXACTLY right.


He needs to put away for a long time.


Folks are lucky the Bakersfield Police didn't show up and start shooting the first black or Mexican people they saw. Cuz that's EXACTLY how the police roll.

Patricia Edna



Cop-hating troll, to be exact.


Grow up, you are a prime example of why there is still racism. obviously going through something it seems but cmon man get over it we all had screwed up childhoods, our struggles are similar, its how you deal that counts. I like when I see the Sheriff in my neighborhood. We need a lot of them.

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