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A man who allegedly fired one shot into a car while driving on Highway 99 early Thursday morning was arrested after attempting to clear his name. 

Jesus Rojo Lopez, 24, of Delano was arrested on suspicion of two counts of attempted murder by the California Highway Patrol. 

Just after 5:30 a.m. Thursday, the McFarland Police Department and CHP received a phone call from a witness reporting a car had been swerving driving south on Highway 99 in McFarland and believed there may have been an altercation inside the car.

The vehicle ran off the road, driving into some bushes on the right shoulder. Police found two men inside the car with gunshot wounds.

The driver, 32, suffered major injuries. He was struck in the face and jaw by the bullet. The driver is currently at a trauma center in Fresno and is listed in critical condition. The passenger, 45, was struck by the same bullet in the left arm after it exited the driver's body. 

CHP Commander Scot Loetscher said at a press conference Friday that Lopez heard police were looking for him in connection to the shooting and went to the Delano Police Department to "clear his name" after "enough pressure was put on him." CHP responded to the Delano station and spoke with Lopez, and later established that he was the alleged shooter. 

Loetscher said CHP believes the victims and Lopez knew each other, though their relationship could not be disclosed. The motive of the shooting was not released.

Lopez was taken into custody and booked at the Kern County Jail. 

CHP is still investigating the shooting. 

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