Blaine Hodge in recovery from a machete attack in which he came to the rescue of a woman inside a local Starbucks. 

The man accused of hacking a woman with a machete inside a Bakersfield Starbucks last month told police the victim was his best friend and he wasn't trying to kill her.

Still, apparently acknowledging the seriousness of the attack, Robert Rivas said he deserved to go to prison for what he'd done, according to newly released court documents.

"You do the crime you do the time," he told police according to the documents. 

Rivas, 32, is charged with two counts of attempted murder, among other crimes, in connection with a bloody assault against both the woman and a good Samaritan who intervened. He's held on $1 million bail.

The injured woman, whose name has not been released, and the good Samaritan, Blaine Hodge, both bled profusely after suffering cuts to an artery, the woman on a leg and Hodge on an arm. 

Interviewed at a hospital, the woman told police she and Rivas previously dated but she'd broken up with him over a year ago. She said she remained friends with him out of fear he would hurt her if she cut off contact.

The woman said she was running late for church the morning of Sept. 9 when Rivas broke into her apartment in the 5100 block of Marsha Street and began stabbing her with a machete, the documents say. She bolted from the apartment and screamed for help.

She ran into a nearby Starbucks and rushed behind the counter as she continued yelling for someone to help her.

Rivas entered the Starbucks after her and resumed chopping at the woman after she slipped on her own blood on the floor, according to the documents. He said something about her talking to his cousin as he hacked her. 

That's when Hodge stepped in. 

At the coffee shop for a meeting, Hodge said he witnessed the woman enter and yell that someone was trying to kill her. Rivas was right behind her armed with the machete. 

Hodge said he threw Rivas off her, creating some distance between the two, according to the documents. He then meant to disarm Rivas but slipped, and Rivas hacked at him several times. 

Hodge managed to run outside, and Rivas also left the Starbucks and headed south. He was taken into custody with the use of a Taser by California Highway Patrol officers who were dining nearby, according to the documents. 

Handcuffed and lying on the ground, Rivas shouted, "You should have just shot me so I could have just got this over with," the documents say. 

Rivas is next due in court Oct. 24. 

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Hip -HACK hero! So she must find him as her next dating partner ,or is he taken!? Well his nails look nice and neat at least!! Hate to see the other guys nails!


Dear MEN,
Neither women OR their bodies belong to men. No man has a right to abuse, hit, or control a woman. When a woman says you're relationship is over, IT'S OVER. For God's sake, people, START RAISING YOUR BOYS TO BE GOOD MEN. STOP TEACHING YOUR SONS THEY HURTING OTHER PEOPLE IS HOW ADULTS DEAL WITH PROBLEMS. If you're church isn't teaching your boys not to hit women, you're at the wrong church.


If that's how you treat your best friend, I'd really hate to be best friends with you!
Praise God that Mr. Hodge had the courage to step in and help! We need more heroes like him!

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