Josh King

Independence Elementary School third-grade teacher Josh King will be appearing on "Strahan and Sara" Monday after his remix of singer Lizzo's "Truth Hurts" went viral.

It's tough to get the attention of hundreds of elementary school children, but sing the morning announcements to the tune of a popular song and you'll have them hooked. 

Who knows, you might even get producers from New York to take notice. If you're Independence Elementary School teacher Josh King, it'll land you a trip to the Big Apple and an appearance on "Strahan and Sara" this Monday.

Third-grade teacher King welcomed students back to school with a remix of singer Lizzo's "Truth Hurts" during the morning announcements Aug. 14. He sings how students wish they had an extra week of summer break, but they're ready for another year of solving math problems and playing during recess. 

"I wrote this remix in about 10 minutes. I was able to take the song, find the beat, make the rhymes and make it work," he said. "It's something I like to do with songs. I can put my own spin on them at times, especially in the classroom."

Previously, King has put his own spin on "Old Town Road" and "I Like It Like That" with the help of Ashley Smith, a Student Council adviser at Independence.

"I do the morning announcements daily, so the students are used to hearing my voice in the morning, but you never know what you're going to get some mornings," he added.

The video has been shared on social media and viewed hundreds of times. 

The day after the video was posted, ABC producers reached out to him about potentially coming to New York to be a guest on "Strahan and Sara," the third hour of ABC’s “Good Morning America,” hosted by Michael Strahan and Sara Haines.

On Wednesday King heard the news that it was confirmed.

"I'm so grateful for this opportunity and incredibly excited to talk to them about the video, why I made it and to express that teaching can also be fun," he said.

King said Lizzo has not commented on the video and he's not sure if she has seen it, but "maybe after Monday she will."

During his "whirlwind" trip in New York, he plans to fit in a Broadway show, go sightseeing, find some restaurants to try out and simply take it all in.

"I work in the best school district, Rosedale Union School District, and at the best school, Independence Elementary, and am allowed to show my fun side and be creative with all I do," he said. "I don't do these songs for myself, it's always for the students, and the teachers. Sometimes we just need a little pick-me-up, a good laugh and something to make us smile, and if I can make that happen, I will."

The episode will air noon Monday on ABC.

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Nicely done! The world needs more teachers with your passion. You have found your gift and are using it. Blessings to you and all the teachers and students in Kern County and beyond!

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