Mathcounts is a nationwide mathematics enrichment and competition program with a mission to increase enthusiasm for and achievement in mathematics in sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students across the country.

The local chapter contest, held at Cal State Bakersfield on Friday, attracted almost 150 students from 15 schools in Bakersfield, Ridgecrest, McFarland, Bishop and Bridgeport. The top three teams — Earl Warren Junior High and St. John’s Lutheran School from Bakersfield, and Murray Middle School from Ridgecrest — will now advance to the state competition at California Baptist University on March 28. Also advancing are those three students with the highest scores on individual written tests who are not on any of the advancing teams: Phillip Lin from Earl Warren Junior High; Arhan Aggarwal from St. John’s Lutheran School; and Justin Magugat from Tevis Junior High.

The 10 students with the best individual scores participated in the Countdown Round before an audience in the Doré Theater. Pairs of students competed against each other and the clock to solve problems. The final results from this round were: Harjaisal Brar, first; Anurag Banerjee, second; Aarohi Patel, third; Justin Magugat, fourth; Caleb Im, fifth; Amery Ruiz, sixth; Arhan Aggarwal, seventh; Philip Lin, eighth; Parker Anderson, ninth; and GT McSperitt, 10th.

The top-scoring student from each of the participating schools also received awards: Diego Garcia, Bessie Owens Intermediate; Lacey Reid, Bridgeport Elementary in Bridgeport; Gavin Bridges, Buena Vista; Jaxon Sweet, Paul Cato Middle School; GT McSperitt, Chipman Junior High; Anurag Banerjee, Earl Warren Junior High; Donovan Louden, Franklin Elementary School; Zachary Larsen, Fruitvale Junior High; Ashley Fitt, Home Street Middle School in Bishop; Anthony Brewton, James Monroe Middle School in Ridgecrest; Jose Vasquez, McFarland Middle School; Parker Anderson, Murray Middle School in Ridgecrest; Emily Kim, Ronald Reagan Elementary School; Harjaisal Brar from Saint John’s Lutheran; and Justin Magugat, Tevis Junior High.

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