Local Republican officials say the party's national convention has drawn fitting contrasts with last week's Democratic conference and that they're looking forward to a speech Thursday from the gathering's chairman, Bakersfield native and Minority Leader of the House Kevin McCarthy.

Alternate delegate Cathy Abernathy and Clayton Campbell, a member of the Kern County Republican Central Committee, said Tuesday that convention speakers including Sen. Tim Scott, R-South Carolina, set a more positive, pro-American tone than was on display at the Democratic National Convention where former Vice President Joe Biden received the party's nomination.

"Last week was about how horrible America is," said Abernathy, a longtime Republican political consultant in Bakersfield. "This week is about the beauty of this nation."

"It's all about you and what you can make of yourself here," she said, "which is unlike anywhere else in the world."

Campbell, saying his expectations for the Republican National Convention were "greatly exceeded" Monday, saw the event as "all positive, patriotic and filled with hope." He said Monday's speakers were "a much more genuine lineup of speakers" than the Democrats featured last week.

Rep. McCarthy is scheduled to speak Thursday at the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial on the west front of the U.S. Capitol. A spokesman said by email that the congressman is still drafting his speech but that some elements have been identified as going into the final version.

There will be a celebration of the nation's greatest moments and figures, spokesman Drew Florio wrote, and a review of Trump's accomplishments in office, including trade deals, modernization of the military, U.S. energy independence, a jobs boom and greater border security.

McCarthy will also address the COVID-19 pandemic and Trump's "all-hands-on-deck approach," Florio stated, as well as "the choice before voters and the GOP agenda to renew the American dream, restore our way of life, and rebuild the greatest economy in the world."

"Overall," he added, "it’ll be a positive outlook on where the country is headed."

Abernathy and Campbell expect nothing less.

Abernathy, a friend the congressman, said McCarthy will talk about the United States being a nation "where you can make your dream come true."

"I can trust that Kevin's words will inspire us that we're good people but we are at a crucial juncture," she said. "You have to take very serious this election."

Campbell said he anticipates McCarthy will deliver a strongly pro-American, positive speech.

"He's going to set forth a plan for an agenda that would be accomplished if we could retain the White House and the Senate and possibly take over the House," he said.

"We can actually get something done" if that all happens, he said, asserting that progress during Trump's first two years, when Republicans controlled both chambers of the Legislature, was limited by Obama administration holdovers in high levels of government.

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(22) comments


Wow! How the right (R) churns the primordial ooze in the cup of liberalism with its spoon of self reliance and a better offering of true American values. The left screams at every word of the Right, like holy water being sprinkled upon the demon possessed. Go into that good night demoncrats. Go back to the hellish hole from which you’ve sprung.



Boogerface Nutter

I wonder when Melania's marital contract with The Donald is due to expire and she can stop being required to speak lukewarm platitudes on his behalf? Hopefully soon. I feel sorry for her.

Boogerface Nutter

Last week was about a united nation or the hope thereof. This week has been a slash and burn vision.

I kept thinking back to the world envisioned in the book 1984. That seemed to be the vision of the speakers so far in the RNC world.

Bleak and frightening. Bunch of sissies who don't want to do the hard work of living in a unified nation.

Can't wait to hear McCarthy's speech. More about creating a larger car wreck of a nation by re-electing the divider-in-chief for another run to the bottom?


This week the RNC has turned the White House into Trumps person political whorehouse, defiling and disrespecting the people's house for his own political gain.


Trump was Impeached by Congress for Abuse of Power and Obstruction of justice. 52 Republican Senators let him go scot free. The small and silly men and women who support Trump in the Senate and Congress are now going to feel the wrath of America. The Republican Party is going to be reduced to a smoldering ash heap.


I love when the leftist loons come out of the woodwork almost as much as the far right. The fact that you think getting rid of Trump is going to fix the things that are wrong with America just proves how short sighted and uninformed you are. Keep dismissing the fact that Democrats control a large part of this nations political positions, and have for quite a while now, and refuse to admit they are just as responsible as the Republicans for our problems. What a joke.

The No Party Preference voters need to rise up and create a new party, because the donkeys and elephants do not care about the American peoples best interest and haven’t for a long time now.

Boogerface Nutter

Sadly, that is not likely to happen with any numbers that make a difference. We'll be stuck with this two-party system forever and we'll just have to pick the lesser of two evils. The big evils are, as you say, the fringes of both parties.

As Reagan said, "You run to the right, you govern in the middle"


Well sir, I beg to differ. Registered NPP in this state is around 30% now. This presidential election is a lost cause with the choices being dumb or dumber, but there is a push brewing to tap the NPP voters and start up a new party. I think those Blue and Red voters who are tired of all the things wrong with their respective party will join up. More to come.


I think that even if a new party were created, it would fall into the same swamp as the two we have now, due to the influence of money from big donors.


We need a Constitution Party.


I think a category 4 hurricane hitting the USA during the RNC is the perfect metaphor for the performance of the Trump administration.


Seems as though someone unplugged the bottom of the barrel here .. . and all the stuff that collects there flowed out right here . . . as we approach 3 Nov and 45's Term 2, recover a (R) House and the Senate grows (R)'s.

Smile, folks, as your funds and banks bloom overnight and more next spring.

Love that pic of Lincoln's boyhood home in Indiana on Donald's Twitter. Someday we'll get to see Donald's boyhood home as well. Abe had similar detractors as he Made America Great Again . . . in his own time.


Of the two people running, far and away the best, pro-America candidate, is Trump

Masked 2020

don't you just love the W.P...they got his whole crew......."The moral rot of Trump and his enablers has spread to the core"


jtj, dweeb, mask, lilrose: four fools full of fun. Read their posts and that's all you need to do to see what the Democrats have to offer today. Hate for America, lies and slander, call for violence, canceling truth and history. I say staying away from people like them is not a crime, but if they are looking for a fight, a flight is what they'll get. When they lose the election they will coordinate some "peaceful" protest in the streets and try to burn some police precinct, cancel some true Americans for standing up to them, or pick off some easy targets who happen to wear a red hat. Democrats have become an embarrassment to the best nation in the world. Eventually Patriots will run out of patience.


The true "Nazis" is the Dems and the Left.


The R party is all over! Look up the 1956 R platform . It is SO different from today that one might think that Bernie had written part of it! The Rs are a dying party, just like the Whigs in the 19thC. For today's Rs. it is all about greed, Few have created a product, few make anything. No! So much easier to suck off the gov teet. Now do some Dems? Yes, but nowhere near what the big corp Rs have. I have advised friends, should the descendants of M Guillotine start making that little instrument again, to BUY shares...YOU will make a killing!


If this place represents McCarthy , then he stinks.....

Really people ? L o l....he's laughing all the way to the bank. Keep voting for men who treat you like fools.

How's the private donation to The Wall feeling right about now ?

Masked 2020

and on and on it goes.....Late last year, Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy wrote President Donald Trump asking for a favor on behalf of his appointed attorney general, Kevin Clarkson.

In a Dec. 2 letter, the governor asked Trump to help Clarkson’s wife and stepson overcome immigration obstacles in order to leave Colombia and join him in Alaska.

“Over the past year, I have found Attorney General Clarkson to be a wise and trusted legal advisor, a man of exceptional character, and a devoted husband and father,” the governor told Trump. Before being appointed in late 2018, Clarkson had been a champion of Christian conservative views on social issues such as same-sex marriage and abortion.

Today, Clarkson is on a monthlong leave of absence without pay, the Department of Law said in response to a records request. Without any public notice or explanation from the state, an acting attorney general has been appointed in his place.

Alaska’s Attorney General on Unpaid Leave After Sending Hundreds of “Uncomfortable” Texts to a Young Colleague

Kevin Clarkson texted a much-younger state employee to come to his house at least 18 times, often using kiss emoji and commenting on her appearance. He’s been on unpaid leave for weeks, but the state never told the public he was gone, or why.

by Kyle Hopkins, Anchorage Daily News Aug. 25, 1:30 p.m. EDT

Masked 2020

Melania did walk down her new lighted runway for 5 minutes in JackieO's ole rose garden but something about the words spoken tonight.......and her having to pay NakedDon's court costs this week is just odd......Stormy Daniels on What It Was Like Boning Donald Trump YouTube · 772,000+ views · 4/17/2020 · by No Jumper


"This week is about the beauty of this nation." Lololololololololol

Trumps trying to paint a picture of how terrible the country will be under Biden? Turn on the TV! Trump OWNS THAT. He's been in power 4 years. It's HIS!

MCcarthy? Just another Trump cultist. A lackey. A lapdog. A synchophant. More wasted flesh in a suit.

Drain the swamp? 7 campaign officials in jail. THEY ARE THE SWAMP.

Take the White House. Take the senate. Put Trump in jail where he belongs. Restore the rule of law.

Can't wait!

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