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Kern County Chief Administrative Officer Ryan Alsop spoke at a news conference about COVID-19 March 30 at the Kern County Public Health Services building.

A total of 27 local doctors, medical executives and health officials have endorsed a letter requesting Gov. Gavin Newsom change two coronavirus metrics in a way that would allow Kern County to reopen at an accelerated pace.

In the letter, Public Health Services Director Matt Constantine and Public Health Officer Kristopher Lyon, along with the CEOs and medical officers of the county’s 10 acute care hospitals, stand behind an effort to convince the governor’s office to allow Kern County to be judged by different measurements than the rest of the state.

Newsom is allowing certain counties to move quicker through the second stage of his four-part reopening plan as long as they meet an array of readiness criteria. If those counties meet the criteria, they can begin offering dine-in service in restaurants, relax retail restrictions and open child care facilities along with schools.

While Kern County does not meet two of the requirements, local officials suggested in the letter “better benchmarks” for measuring coronavirus impacts.

“This letter serves to inform you that our 10 hospitals and the professionals in our Kern County Health Department are in unanimous agreement that Kern County is ready to accelerate the opening of our businesses and sectors, working within established guidelines,” the letter reads.

At issue are the requirements by the governor’s office that counties must have no more than one COVID-19 case per 10,000 residents within the last 14 days and no deaths over the same time period in order to allow an accelerated opening.

To do so, Kern County could not exceed 90 positive tests over two weeks, which seems unlikely as the county has averaged about 30 new positive tests per day recently.

In the letter, the county argues many of the positive cases detected in the community will be mild or asymptomatic, not requiring medical attention. Plus, the county has expanded testing, which will likely increase the number of positive tests.

The county asked the governor to consider only serious illnesses when determining Kern County’s reopening status by measuring the COVID-19 hospitalization rate per 10,000 residents or per total number of positive cases.

When considering deaths, the county seemingly referred to the Kingston Healthcare Center, saying one skilled nursing facility had skewed the death count.

“Our hospitals are sensitive to the fact that staff of these facilities are members of our community and have the capacity to spread COVID-19,” the letter says. “However, we believe our robust capacity to contain this ‘hot spot’ through contract tracing, community surveillance and our ability to support the isolation/quarantine of individuals sufficiently mitigates the potential for community spread.”

The county asked the governor to distinguish between the number of overall deaths from the deaths among patients living in skilled nursing facilities.

“We have been on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic since day one and have a firm understanding of the data-driven metrics that will provide Kern County a safe path to begin reopening,” the letter says.

County Chief Administrative Officer Ryan Alsop wrote in an email Friday he had confirmation that the governor had received the letter.

Sam Morgen can be reached at 661-395-7415. Follow him on Twitter: @smorgenTBC.

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Independent Voter: I emailed the old editor, Robert Price and asked him to tell the censors on this site to stop censoring anyone, as long as they obey the rules.


I stay within the limits of this site, yet they censor many of my comments. Is this China we live in?

äänestys sininen 2020

I have a question?......who Trusts TrumpNation not to mix up the final vaccine that will work with all the ones they are going to make that may not work... nay that wouldn't happen..... Warp Speed isn't going to be like the N-95 mask fiasco...or the testing fiasco or the fill in the blank fiasco


Arab letter man: Who says that it will work? The flu vaccine that people get each year only works from 30-40% and usually you get a cold just after getting the shot. Vaccines have never worked with flu virus.


For the FAUX (FOX) news listening crowd -

January 22 Asked if his administration was worried about a coronavirus pandemic, Trump says, “No, we’re not at all. And we have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China.

January 30 At an event in Michigan, Trump says, “We’re working very strongly with China on the coronavirus—that’s a new thing that a lot of people are talking about….We think it’s going to have a very good ending for it. So that I can assure you.

February 2 The White House implements restrictions on travel from China that had been announced on January 31. The ban does not apply to Americans; more than 40,000 people enter the United States from China over the next two months.

February 7 Asked if he thinks China is covering up the coronavirus, Trump says, “No. China is working very hard….They’re working really hard, and I think they are doing a very professional job. They’re in touch with the World [Health] Organization. CDC also. We’re working together.”

February 8 One day after CDC testing kits reach state and local public-health labs, most report that they do not work properly.

February 10 At a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, Trump says, “Looks like by April, you know, in theory, when it gets a little warmer, it miraculously goes away.”

February 13 Trump tells Geraldo Rivera, “It’s a problem in China. Has not been spreading very much. In our country, we only have, basically, 12 cases and most of those people are recovering and some cases fully recovered. So it’s actually less.”

February 24 Trump tweets, “The Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA. We are in contact with everyone and all relevant countries. CDC & World Health [Organization] have been working hard and very smart. Stock Market starting to look very good to me!”

February 26 We’re testing everybody that we need to test. And we’re finding very little problem.…It’s a little like the regular flu that we have flu shots for. And we’ll essentially have a flu shot for this in a fairly quick manner.” He says the number of cases “within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero, that’s a pretty good job we’ve done.” • The CDC confirms the first instance of community spread of the virus in the United States.

February 27 At a Black History Month event, Trump says, “It’s going to disappear. One day—it’s like a miracle—it will disappear.”

People infected by the hundreds and mortality on the rise, states ordering shutdowns.

March 17 Trump says, “I’ve felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic….I’ve always viewed it as very serious.”

April 28 As the cumulative number of US cases surpasses 1 million, the death toll exceeds the number of American deaths in the Vietnam War. Pence visits the Mayo Clinic and ignores its mask requirement so he can look health care workers “in the eye.”

The biggest fraud is being perpetrated by this CON MAN in front of our eyes and the people like the ones commenting above remain oblivious. So sad.


Now do Biden, if you can make sense of any of his quotes in context of out of context. Pick-n-choose unless you're xenophobic or pandering or part of #MeToo except when its #Me. But really try not to be partial.

You have Nothing other than Fake News. You remind me of "Real Time" host Bill Maher who was begging for a recession: "I feel like the bottom has to fall out at some point, and by the way, I'm hoping for it because I think one way you get rid of Trump is a crashing economy."

Congratulations liberals, you must be jumping for joy. It's your best coup d'état yet.


Vico 17: It is a coup d'état, because liberals will do whatever it takes to gain control over us. They used to believe in civil rights and the Constitution, but no more. They will go after anyone they can and break them financially and threaten their families just as they did to Flynn.


Groove: You need to get a job as a Monday Morning Quarterback.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Wow, someone else that can copy and paste from Mother Jones, or some similar site.

Somewhere a Yorkies is claiming copyright infringement...



äänestys sininen 2020

alas.... poor Moardeeb.... its not easy.... Trump Nation will never admit the errors of Donny's ways...as a West Coast Liberal Elite I've never believed the Leftists had all the answers.....but this MAGA mind control if very impressive....I wonder how many of these folks are bleaching??


Had my cup of Clorox this morning, still don't have COVID 19 but I have noticed my poop is white.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Yorkies- always had you pegged for a liberal and not a leftist.

Alas, your buddy Dweeb is straight from the leftist playbook and really has nothing to offer other than his consistent partisan drivel of "Trump Sucks" posts.

He also won't engage anyone that challenges him on his ridiculous words- at least you have enough courage to do so- even if you're wrong... :)

I've seen plenty of Republicans disagree with Trump- CNN is full of them- perhaps you need to watch more closely?


Don't trust the numbers:

From Fox News - Colorado amends coronavirus death count - says fewer have died of COVID-19 than previously thought.


In one case in Colorado Sabastian Yellow died from alcohol poisoning w .55 blood alcohol level, yet he was listed to have died FROM Covid-19 because he had previously tested positive. When will NY, NJ and other states do the same?

The Guv. already ruined SF, now he is working tirelessly to ruin the whole state. Let's get him out of here.


Vico 17: You are correct. Sabo, the street artist, has put up several cartoons of Newsom in the L.A. area. Go to his website to see them. Also, this virus is being used for a total environmental reconstruction of the economy by sheer force. This has cast the livelihoods and future of the world population in tremendous jeopardy and is causing a rise in unrest. Germany is now having up to 500-1,000,000 people rioting against Merkel and her demands to the populace relating to this virus.

Independent Voter

The lie of coronavirus runs long and deep. I think it is up to "we the people" to resolve this.


Independent Voter: All of us who value free will......the experts are flawed.


Vico 17: Hospitals are urged to state that if someone dies, attribute it to the virus. They get more money from Medical or Medicaid if they do.


And all the while “The Gav” can’t decide whether he should wipe or not wipe. Fortunately he has people that will make the decisions for him, not the right ones half the time, but at least somebody is willing to make decisions since he can’t on his own.

Independent Voter

We now turn to Dweeb, live from his parent's basement near the Panorama Bluffs for an update on the developments. Dweeb, what do you think about this move by local authorities, including doctors? Are they being guided by science and data? Does this bring them closer in agreement to the medical professionals who run Accelerated Urgent Care here in Bakersfield?


Whatever. 75% of us have made it clear, we are not coming out on the advice of Trump or any of his synchophants. He has made it clear he is only interested in his reelection and the almighty dollar. When the Governor says it's cool to come out, we will. He and the science are the facts worth following.

We've already seen 2 disreputible Doctors from Bakersfield embarrassing us on Fox News.

I said good day!

Inconvenient Truth

Yes, you’ve made it abundantly clear that you and 2 out of 3 of your gamer friends want to continue to hide in your mother’s basement playing video games.

Time for the rest of us grownups to get out and about.

Independent Voter

And good day to you, too, Mr. Dweeb.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

You're so predictable it's actually sad...

Keep clinging to the legs of your folding card table in the basement of mommy's house.

The governor isn't a king. I don't need his permission to "go out", but since you worship at the altar of "The Guv" and don't work or have anyone to support, just keep hiding while the rest of us do work to ensure the economy doesn't collapse into anarchy.



If you see your shadow does it mean two more weeks of Dweebous quarantine?


Moardeeb: Perhaps you don't need the "almighty dollar," but the rest of us use it to pay rent, mortgages, etc. We don't live in momma's home. Trump realizes that this virus panic is causing world-wide destruction, but you don't.


Moredumb, and where did you get your medical training? When did Liberals ever care about facts or science unless they can spin the data to fit their narrative


Science is a great thing but when anyone refers to "settled science" you have to give them and their science a good hard look. Settled science used to tell us that life comes in two models, male and female, but that fact is "unsettling" to some science deniers. As the current pandemic spread across the world we were told that we needed to isolate and shelter in place until we were able to flatten the curve, but that is no longer good enough for some of our "science" promoters in office. Now some leaders are saying we must continue the course until we have a vaccine available to defeat the virus. Vaccines are a great boon to good health but even vaccines come with warnings of mild to severe side effects, including the possibility of death for a certain percentage of recipients. We're told that we need complete safety from this disease before we resume our normal lives but how many are we willing to sacrifice to the adverse effects to the cure?

Independent Voter

Lamonster, you make great sense and your arguments are sound. However, the progressives amongst us refuse logic and look to flawed science and manipulated data to further an agenda tied to this virus. They have constructed a strict narrative they must follow until the situation requires they adapt - then the goalposts move or we suddenly get these outlier stories that the virus has mutated, that children are suddenly afflicted with a mystery COVID-connected illness, or a second wave is imminent, or ventilators are scarce, or masks are needed, or... ?


Part of that agenda you allude to is, I'm convinced, the November elections. I'm in no way saying that the illness is contrived but it's just such a useful political football that they can't afford to let it end. Unfortunately there is no play clock in this game so they can and will use the stall tactics to full advantage if we let them.

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