H. Dennis Beaver is a Bakersfield attorney.

Local attorney and landlord Dennis Beaver and his wife Anne were having dinner on a recent night when they both had the same idea at the same time on how they could help during this pandemic.

Minutes later, they fired off a letter to their tenants. 

"We are all in this battle together and realize the hardship you are experiencing, or will likely be, soon. We need to help each other and pay it forward," the letter said.

And then: "Therefore, rent for April is forgiven. Do not pay April rent. Just call this the 'Beaver Stimulus Package' for our tenants."

Beaver and his wife hope other property owners will consider doing the same. 

"I think there are hundreds of landlords in this area who have the ability of doing the same thing," Beaver said.

"Why not?" he asked. "Particularly when the whole city is shut down more or less, and people are lining up for unemployment insurance."

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Must be nice to be able to do that. However as a Senior with no income except my small 4 plex we are very close to losing everything.

No one mentions that the Sheriffs are refusing to do lockouts for a month for people that have been evicted for not been paying us rent way long before (since January) Covoid-19 became an issue.

Now the non-renter waves at us sarcastically enjoying the extra 2 months free rent.

Who is going to help us, and don't say the Banks because our mortgage is not paid to a bank.

Why couldn't Gov Newsom have made the same order as New York that say that ALL mortgage payers get relief, not just a select few.


Mr. Beaver: Extremely kind example. Your action reflects true grace and caring. Stay healthy and safe.

All Star

Good for him. But I'm sure he spoke to his CPA to see if the loss was a tax right off.


I encourage Mr Beavers to give all Attorney services for free in the Month April then come encourage the rest of us .


No tax write off. Just reduced earnings. (not an accountant)


Good for him. I don't feel capable of doing that with my rental.


Then don't.

Comment deleted.
All Star

You sound like a religious nut.

Comment deleted.

My God forgives ALL

Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.

You are right I actually feel Bad . I am sorry I didn’t realize the good hearted nature of the action . I will give back as well as much as I can . I actually ask God to forgive me . I am human and not so perfect. Blessings to All

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