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Stage lights flare on the Lightning stage for Rising Appalachia during the Lightning in a Bottle festival.

Lightning in a Bottle has announced it intends to return to Buena Vista Aquatic Recreation Area next year.

On its website, the music and arts festival announced it would begin selling tickets for the five-day event on June 7.

“After a successful first year, we are excited to return to LIB’s new home at Buena Vista Lake in Kern County,” an announcement on the website said.

Organizers said on the website that the festival would move to Memorial Day weekend, taking place May 20-25 next year.

Festival organizers have spoken fondly of Kern County after the event wrapped up in mid-May of this year, and county law enforcement agencies have said Lightning in a Bottle did not cause a significant public safety issue while it took place.

Do LaB, which runs Lighting in a Bottle, has submitted an application with the county to return in 2020, said Megan Person, director of countywide communications.

The Kern County Planning and Natural Resources Department will consider the application before taking it to the Board of Supervisors for a final decision.

“The county felt good about how the event went,” Person said, referring to Lightning in a Bottle. “We’re looking forward to (continuing) the process and making sure that everybody’s well-represented and getting what they need.”

This year, the festival took place from May 8-13. Attendance never exceeded 18,000 throughout the five-day stretch, a figure that includes employees.

The festival brought world-renown music acts to a variety of stages, and attendees mostly camped on-site during the extended weekend. In addition to music, the festival offered yoga sessions, swimming and a variety of classes.

Some attendees described Lightning in a Bottle as a “wellness festival.”

The county set a 25,000 attendance limit for the event for 2019, but the limit could potentially increase in future years.

Both the county and Do LaB executives described the first Lightning in a Bottle as a trial run that could potentially be repeated if it went well.

Although campgrounds flooded briefly after heavy rain on the second day of the event, no major accidents occurred, and the Sheriff’s Office reported a relatively low number of illegal drugs that were seized.

It is unclear when the supervisors could first vote on the application.

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Doesn't this area usually fill up with local residents on the Memorial Day weekend?

Inconvenient Truth

Yes it does.
If you’re a Kern County resident who has paid $60.00 for a boating pass and like to spend Memorial Day weekend at BV, I guess you’re just SOL.

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