Brenda Lewis, Kern High School District associate superintendent of instruction, presents a report on school reopenings to the board of trustees.

The Kern High School District Teachers Association executive board is recommending beginning the 2020-2021 school year operating under a 100 percent distance learning model, according to an email from the executive board.

Due to high local COVID-19 infections, the executive board stated it's best that KHSD keep school campuses closed when the semester begins Aug. 12, adding "our students, our staff and their families deserve a consistent, well-thought-out structured reopening."

"Recent surveys of our membership show overwhelming support for returning to in-person school once the safety measures have been met for both the students and the staff as written in the CDC and Kern County Superintendent of Schools guidelines," the email stated. "Teachers have overwhelmingly shown support for clear guidelines to be established prior to the start of school, which we believe cannot be met currently, given our current resources and situation."

The executive board also recognized there's a balance between the needs of students' physical, social and emotional well-being versus the safety of the community as a whole. It encouraged the district to "pursue avenues that meet not just the state’s basic guidelines for reopening but go above and beyond. We feel that including our members and other stakeholders in discussions is crucial."

The KHSD board of trustees is scheduled to hold a special 2 p.m. meeting Wednesday to discuss and likely approve reopening plans for the coming school year. At last month's meeting, a hybrid learning model was proposed that welcomed one group of students Monday and Tuesday, and a second group of students Thursday and Friday. Wednesday would be reserved as a support day, and students would participate in online learning three days a week.

Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent Austin Beutner announced Monday that schools wouldn't reopen for classes Aug. 18, and will continue with online learning due to a surge in coronavirus cases.

Bakersfield High School math teacher Tamara Clark supports the KHSD Teachers Association's recommendation for a distance learning model. This past spring, teachers engaged in "crisis teaching," she said, because there wasn't ample time to prepare for distance learning. Now that there have been different opportunities offered to teachers over the summer focusing on strengthening distance learning, Clark feels confident the process will be smoother.

"I think that distance learning can be a real game changer for kids who perhaps like a different learning style, do better in an asynchronous setting," she explained. "If the governor says we can't be inside public restaurants, how can we say it’s safe for students to go back to brick and mortar?"

The Bakersfield City School District will also meet Tuesday to discuss and likely vote on a plan for the fall. The district has been considering options such as having all students return to campuses, hybrid learning models and full distance learning.

Ema Sasic can be reached at 661-395-7392. Follow her on Twitter: @ema_sasic.

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(8) comments

Masked 2020

its unbelievable..the pandemic lovers will keep touting numbers all the way to the graveyard.......the horse is dead......stop beating it.....put of your masks and cover your pretty puss and lets all do the right thing......lock your kids up and keep grandma and pa alive.........bars and beauticians will love you......what is it.... 1000 a day.....with no end in sight and only getting worse.......I could never be a teacher...what seems so obvious and backed up by refrigerated corpse coolers.... still it is being debated......really please Vote Blue in 2020...NakedDon will be OK.....he and la familia can do a reality show on Bravo


So you think that the world-wide should go down in flames due to this virus when other countries do not demand face masks yet have lower figures? What if this virus mutates? Do we spend the rest of our lives in masks? A vaccine will be found. Civilization should not come to a halt. China should pay dearly for what it has done.


31% of kids tested in Florida are positive. Some, who appear asymptomatic, will have lifelong lung, pulmonary or brain damage. Some will manifest this damage 1 or 2 years down the road. Ready to send your kids back? Roll the dice. Takes your chances. Actually, their chances.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

What are you talking about? More bogus "statistics" from our Bernie Bro...

According to today's statistics on the Florida Department of Health, Division of Disease Control and Health Protection's Dashboard, children 0-14 represent only 5% of total cases in Florida.

Even if you counted the next age group (15-24), many of which aren't "kids", the number would move to 21%- STILL much less than your bogus number.

If you're going to continue to make up stuff, you've got to be a little smarter than that , DWEEB...


The teachers should not be allowed to have full pay as long as they recommend that kids stay home and not go to school.


You know what’s sad is that teachers are taking away from the students. You know very well that these kids will not get the full learning that they need. Teachers will push off classes because of other jobs or appointments of all sorts and that is just leaving the child behind! This is unsatisfactory and stupid! Bad choice! Then we as parents want the money that schools get.


When schools were closed in March, my granddaughter was supposed to receive "distant teaching" from her high school instructors. Two of the teachers were online 3-4 times a week , one was on 2 times a week and the other two were on three times from March to June. If she wasn't a 4.4 GPA senior taking four 4 AP and 2 Honors classes, we would home school her like we are doing her two brothers.


yah, that will work for the teachers, because they will be able to go to their "studio" jobs. But what about the kids' parents?

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