Students of the Kern High School District were locked out of their virtual classrooms Friday by a glitch that reset everyone's password. The technical issue affected all 42,000 students.

"There was a coding error on our end that forced our students to reset their passwords," said Erin Briscoe-Clarke, a spokesperson for the district.

KHSD instructed all students to logon using their birthday and then change their password. But because it was such a widespread event, the system was overloaded and students had trouble logging on.

Parents received an email from KHSD explaining that the mass reset was an accident.

"This was not a planned reset, and we apologize for the disruption that this has created," the email said.

It was unclear the duration of the lockouts and if all were resolved by the end of the school day.

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Masked 2020

Trump calls on Fox News to fire reporter who confirmed some parts of Atlantic story

Analysis by Oliver Darcy, CNN Business Updated 8:37 PM ET, Sat September 5, 2020.... and on and on... Truth 2 Power

Gene Pool Chlorinator

And this has what to do with the story above?

You really are a clueless wonder, aren't you?

If they shut down the Comments section, we can all thank Yuckies...


Newsome is sending his kids to the county north so his kids can go face to face, but all of us need to do virtual learning. Ridiculous.


Open the schools, open the state, open the flippen country.


Now let's see. Who has been advocating for opening the schools? ???

Teacher's Unions?...nope!

Main Stream Media running cover for the left?...nope!

The Guv Gruesome?...nope!


Bill Gates and Microsoft?...nope?

Zoom, Google, Silicon Valley?...nope?

Has anyone asked for the schools to reopen and get some actual teaching and learning done?...Yes, only one. MAGA. Stand up America. Expose all the Liberal Elites for what they are. This is your country.


Spot on Vico.


Starting week 3 of this disaster. My KHSD student is in AP English for her senior year, the teacher is on maternity leave. The substitute has not logged online yet. Assignments are posted online and it is up to the student to figure out what to do. This last week, there was a writing assignment. The writing prompts for the University of California application were posted and the student had to pick two of the five and write to the prompt. Great teaching and instruction.

Masked 2020

....."This was not a planned reset" that funny

The Independent Voter

Reinforces the load of nonsense the other story about kindergarten is. This situation with KHSD today is the rule, not the exception. Spin much, Californian?



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