The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Kern County jumped by 42 on Wednesday, the highest number of new cases in a single day so far since the county reported its first positive COVID-19 test March 17.

The new total rose to 309 cases as of Wednesday afternoon. 

Data updated by the state Wednesday showed 28 COVID-19 patients were being treated in local hospitals as of Tuesday, a slight uptick up from 24 the day before, and 14 of those patients, or half of all hospitalized patients, were in the ICU, up from 12 the day before. 

Two people have died so far from the virus but there have been no new deaths since last week. 

A total of 5,675 tests have been administered in the county, and 2,181 are pending results.

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(25) comments

Queen of All

Simple Minds Love your Name! You aren't kidding, are ya? Our Liberal friends are the Only Friends who care if we are ALIVE more than they do about Wall Street. I don't care about Wall Street. It's a bunch of thieves stealing from each other and pretending it matters to the rest of us. The working class is the Stakeholders. The Shareholders are just a bunch of degenerate gamblers.


Oh great, another ultra liberal racist who has to spout divisive partisan dribble. Or, are you one of the Fab Four using a different name. Hmmmm...

Queen of All

Ultra Liberal Racist. Hmmmm. Where did you get the idea that I am a Racist? Aren't you funny? And divisive dribble? Oh puhleeeze the nonsense I read on here by Independent Voter and Gene Poisoning the pool or whatever is so hateful I don't know how they get published. It's a short walk from Jonestown to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Is That All you have to say? Heh-heh.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

You're a loon and make leftists seem sane.

Tell me QUEEN OF ALL, where have I been "Hateful"?

And if you have nothing more than me referring to Moardeeb as "Dweeb", go away to your little safe space and have a good cry.

The term "Dweeb" is used for someone that isn't prescient to facts and spouts ridiculous talking points regurgitated off of their biased Facebook feeds daily.

Nice Jonestown reference, but I'd say the People's Temple would probably be more attractive to the simple minded, rather than someone who thinks before they speak...

Queen of All

Why can't the Health Dept show Oildale separately? EB is NOT Oildale.

Mac Daddy

Thanks ISpy for reminding folks and pointing that out. The chart they show of the daily new numbers don't correspond to when they were actually infected. It wouldn't be difficult for them to make a chart of when the symptoms started.


The silly part is that these are not "new cases." These are test results that have finally begun to be gathered/analyzed.This reported data is not a representation of how prevalent the virus is in a community, at all.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Hey, where's Mrknownothingatall been?

Maybe in hiding because his prediction of 10,000 deaths in Bakersfield was the apex of hysteria???


Bakersfield is it’s very own micro-cesspool of infection. Cannot believe the level of ignorance posted here. :

The low numbers should ALARM you, not comfort you. Why? Because it’s obvious KC testing is waaaay behind every other community in Cali. So very, very few, comparatively, are even getting tested—cuzz the auburn neck does not believe it’s gonna happen to then my and so they spread like uneducated children. That’s Bako in a nutshell. THEN, the very few who DO test must wait weeks for results! Doesn’t it strike anyone with 1/4 of a brain that these “numbers” are impossibly low? Lol. Oh, I forgot, conservative Dust Bowl folks don’t embrace math or facts.

Your arrogance will turn around quickly a month from now. And the month after that will really slap the ignorance outta ya.

The schools closed VERY late As did the restaurants and the bars. And the savages here continued to spread and not isolate. THAT huge population got infected, spread infection, and in the coming weeks after the incubation periods: all heck will break loose.

What makes anyone think Bako is “special” and will evade what no larger city in Calif will evade? YOU are NOT special. You are basically uneducated. Gloating as The Grim Reaper creeps to your very doorsteps. As u sit there, oblivious to the science and the certainty of what a pandemic brings.

But that’s KC. The Hispanics will be here to take over your failing businesses and your houses that are now worth 1/2 their former value—-just like the stock market dropped 10,000 points. Ummm whatcha think 15M unemployment means to the economy Einstein? 15M today 30M by summer. Lol And the old power structure the Dust Bowlers loved will tumble into ashes and your new masters will step in and they will remember how you treated them when the shoe was on the other foot. Lol. Chilling thought, huh? 😆 😂

Independent Voter

Wow, Mrknownothingatall, you must have went off your meds again. Can you do simple math and research? The facts and numbers speak volumes... Your own regime leaders claim the curve is flattening. The Apocalypse is a bust, friend. Jump in the shower, get dressed and get back to work - if you actually had a job before this.

Queen of All

Obviously Dictator Newsoms regime is doing things correctly. Kudos to Governor Gavin Newsom!! We're so fortunate to have someone competent at the helm of our ship of State, unlike the poor Red States.


Testing is for people who show symptoms. So if we are behind in testing it's because we are behind in exposures.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

What kind of drugs are you on to write the literal cr@p you do?

Seriously, when we have 10,000 dead here, let me know- until then post somewhere else.

My house is actually worth more money now than it has been in some time, but since you probably don't own one, you're (again) just talking out of your backside.

And the stock market? Big whoop- I have a pretty diversified portfolio, but guess what- I'm buying all I can afford right now- as are many others. The market will go up again and is still one of the safest investments one can make in the LONG run...


Oh MrLostitall, I think it is time your care giver takes your internet access away again for a while. I am sure they will put the pretty lights on in your room and play soothing music for you to help calm you down.

Mac Daddy

Oops. It should read 309 out of a population of 840,000 is a pretty small percentage.

Mac Daddy

309 out of a population is a pretty small percentage.

View From The Mountain

Thank you, Bakersfield Californian for keeping us informed daily, especially for including the map. And when the county health dept. gives you the info., for including hospitalizations, ICU figures, etc.

This is a difficult time to try to be a reporter, and to provide current information. Happily, social distancing seems to be working, and our Kern County cases are NOT doubling every few days, like they did in Italy, Spain, etc.

With some luck and people maintaining appropriate caution, perhaps we can avoid the worst of this pandemic. Best wishes to everyone, Kern County!


The Californian is dong a fantastic job...and Kern Health may be also. BUT, the decision to keep half the county in the dark is indefensible. More than 45 of California's counties give far more information about their pandemic's local status than does Kern. Application of Mr. Constantine's bizarre interpretation of State guidance is even internally inconsistent. If you live in Bakersfield, you can know case occurrences broken down by east/west. But if you live outside Bakersfield, you can't even know if there's a case in your town. It would be really nice if our Board of Supervisors could facilitate Mr. Constantine seeing the light before things get a lot worse.

Independent Voter

We've peaked?


I just hope this conservative county is looking at Facts not Fox or we're gonna be a hot zone. Come on folks, I know Fox is pushing to get the economy rolling again to help Trump, but don't have blood on your hands by being a spreader. You could easily infect some vulnerable people. Facts, facts, facts. From Medical professionals, not politicians.

Mac Daddy

Give it a rest with your fake assumptions. View a video or two of what Dr. Fauci says about the facts.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Yes, Dweeb... FACTS.

Unlike the cr@p you spew on this site multiple times daily.

Quit drinking your MSNBC Kool Aid...

Independent Voter

Yes, facts, Moardweeb. Like just 300+ in a county of close to ONE MILLION people have the HyperFlu. Just two deaths here, thank goodness. And just a couple dozen hospitalized? The numbers locally, statewide and nationally underscore that this entire thing is a bust! Credit social distancing for "flattening the curve?". What a joke. Just last week, Dweeb, you and your lefty friends were complaining that folks around here weren't following Gruesome Newsom's dictatorial edicts, virtually ignoring the regime's orders! We've flattened the curve despite those filthy small business owners trying to avoid going broke by staying open. Lawbreakers! Now your "Guv" says we're lengthening the curve, claiming a mid-May peak and a need to keep this great experiment in socialism going despite most reports staying an April 15 peak. I'm so disgusted with this nonsense!

Simple minds

Thanks.. Our liberal friends keep trying to push down the fear they hear from big news. These will culminate into a mandatory vaccine that will do more harm then any virus could of done.


No, New York is peaking. We were at one point almost three weeks behind them. Not sure, but we are flattening our curve hella sooner. Yay, way to go Cali!

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