The Kern County Public Health Services Department announced 118 new COVID-19 cases and an additional virus-related death Friday morning.

Total case count reported in Kern is now 4,310 since the county announced its first coronavirus diagnosis March 13. There also have been 65 reported COVID-19 fatalities during that time.

Locally, 3,099 residents have recovered from the virus while 1,065 are recuperating at home. There are 71 COVID-19 patients being treated at local hospitals, according to county data.

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Masked 2020

what a hot mess Mikey was at Don's PraiseMeTheI'mYourDaddy noNews thingy staged this beautiful morning?.....could someone explain to me what’s going on there? ......I mean there was always someone at work who would suck-up to the boss but this needs A Sigmund to do the analysis...I think I found someone similar in an old dog-eared copy of KinseyReports but it’s all Covid to me...... I realize folks need their seek their Gods and its a election year......and Everyone down in the Rabbit Hole of America has this thing called FreeSpeech…. but does the BillofRighteousness and the Supremes actually sez Silent-Seeders and Anti-Maskers are the RightousBestWay to ensure Christmas 2020 will not have us all in the crypt by Easter?....


What it's going to take is leadership from the top. Newsom gets so much backlash from people who dont believe in science, (Trump cultists) and we will not have new leadership until Trump is removed by his bloody comb over screaming.


You are right about leadership at the top. Once they recall Newsom like they did with Gray Davis, then maybe Cali will get someone competent enough to lead.

Comment deleted.
Independent Voter

And you thought we'd all wear masks, too.

My thoughts

What is it going to take to cut back? 118 new cases and we move forward like nothing. People are refusing to wear mask and retail is suffering because of it. On social media you read about people lying about health issues so they can enter a business and saying this all lies from the dems. 466 cases of children and schools are opening and children playing in the parks. I honestly think its a big macho decision and Matt, Ryan and Gavin are playing with lives. Is there a way to test businesses that are open? Like if an employee comes back to work they need to be tested. All that these gyms, nail shops, tattoo places are is a huge spreading pot.

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