Vincent Brothers is on death row.

Here’s a list of Kern County's current death penalty cases.

Richard Galvan Montiel, slashed throat of 78-year-old man during robbery on Jan. 13, 1979. Convicted in 1979 and resentenced in 1986. 

Ronald Lee Sanders, bludgeoned woman to death in narcotics robbery on Jan. 23, 1981. Convicted in 1982. Resentenced in 2006. 

Ward Francis Weaver Jr., bludgeoned to death an 18-year-old Air Force cadet; kidnapped, raped and strangled the cadet's 23-year-old girlfriend. Crimes committed on Feb. 5 and 6, 1981. Convicted in 1985. 

David Keith Rogers, as a Kern County sheriff's deputy shot two prostitutes, ages 21 and 15, in separate slayings by the same canal near Arvin on Feb. 21, 1986, and Feb. 8, 1987. Convicted in 1988. 

Teddy Brian Sanchez, robbed, beat and stabbed to death three people in two separate robberies on Feb. 3, 1987. Convicted in 1988. 

Rodney Berryman, raped, strangled and stabbed a 17-year-old girl near Delano on Sept. 6, 1987. Convicted in 1988. 

Clarence Ray Jr., shot a woman to death in robbery attempted outside Bakersfield bar on April 17, 1984. Convicted in 1989. 

John Lee Holt, raped, robbed and strangled to death a 66-year-old Bakersfield woman on July 6, 1989. Convicted in 1990. 

Steven David Catlin, poisoned by paraquat his adoptive mother and two of his six wives in May 1976, March 1984 and December 1984. Convicted in 1990.

Paul Clarence Bolin, shot to death two men at a marijuana farm 25 miles east of Bakersfield on Sept. 2, 1989. He was also convicted of attempting to murder a third man who escaped with a shoulder wound. Convicted in 1991. 

Joseph Danks, while serving a term of 156 years to life for stabbing six transients to death in what became known as the Koreatown Slasher case in Los Angeles, Danks strangled to death a 67-year-old cellmate at Tehachapi prison on Sept. 20, 1990. Convicted in 1993.

Vincente Figueroa Benavides, sexually abused a 21-month-old girl on Nov. 17, 1991, so severely she died. The victim was shaken and squeezed with rib-breaking pressure. Convicted in 1993. 

Charles F. Rountree Jr., kidnapped, robbed and shot to death a 19-year-old woman on Dec. 7, 1993. Stole her car and bank ATM card. Convicted in 1995. 

Christopher Charles Lightsey, stabbed a 76-year-old cancer patient 43 times to steal his gun collection and two video cameras on July 7, 1993. Convicted in 1995. 

Robert Wesley Cowan, shot to death a 75-year-old man and strangled the man's wife on Sept. 1, 1984. Convicted in 1996.

Bob Russell Williams Jr., sexually assaulted and strangled to death a 40-year-old southwest Bakersfield woman on Oct. 27, 1994. Convicted in 1996. 

Richard McWhorter, killed a 48-year-old woman and her 10-year-old son on Sept. 11, 1995, in Oildale. Convicted in 1998. 

Willie Leo Harris, robbed and raped a 22-year-old Cal State Bakersfield student before slashing her throat and stabbing her 57 times on May 20, 1997. Stole her car and burned it. Convicted in 1999. 

Frank Jay Alvarez, shook a 5-month-old boy to death in 1994, and beat to death a 4-year-old boy in 1996. Convicted in 1998. 

Juan Villa Ramirez, kidnapped a 17-year-old Arvin High School student and shot him to death execution style on Oct. 14, 1997. Convicted in 2001. 

Larry Kusuth Hazlett Jr., strangled a 20-year-old Rosamond beauty queen after entering her apartment to sexually assault her in 1978. The case went unsolved for 24 years before the new technology of DNA evidence led to a suspect. Convicted in 2004.

Vincent Brothers, shot and stabbed to death mother-in-law, estranged wife and their three small children in July 2003. Convicted in 2007.

Timothy Titus Rodriguez, bludgeoned 90-year-old woman to death with a baseball bat, and brutally assaulted the woman's 60-year-old daughter. Convicted in late 2009 and sentenced to death in January 2010. 

Robert Dale Fuller, shot to death his estranged wife and mother-in-law on Aug. 8, 2009. Convicted Dec. 2, 2014, and sentenced to death in January 2015. 

Travis Frazier and Kenneth Nowlin, stabbed an inmate to death in the exercise yard of the California Correctional Institution in Tehachapi on May 11, 2009. Convicted June 4, 2013. Nowlin was sentenced to death in July 2013, and Frazier in September 2013. 

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debby head

Sorry, that's supposed to be Rodney Berryman.

debby head

Does Kern County ever put anyone to death? Rodney Berry has been on death row since 1988 I think. Isn't it time he is put to death for raping and stabbing that 17 year old and killing her. She would be 45 years old now, probably with a family, a life of her own and she was so bright and good, he took all that away from her. Why is he still living after 28 years?

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