The Kern County Public Health Services Department announced 70 new COVID-19 cases Monday morning and another local death.

There have now been 68 deaths from COVID-19 and 4,558 cases reported in the county since the first was announced in mid-March.

An estimated 1,200 people currently are recovering from the virus at home, according to county data. Hospitalizations for the virus now stands at 142, state data shows. 

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Masked 2020

Masked Mike 2020 and Naked Don said for me to do my part and follow the guidance of my local Health department because there is so many conflicting do's and don'ts …. [Info Wars]…..and since I’ve always had a problem following direction.... I looked at the Dashboard to see what the this latest guidance was.. and I took the statistical roller coaster ride up and up..... and saw lots of pretty colorful worthless numbers to this one homegrown in the patch ... but it doesn't appear Matt and Michelle have been very engaged with their Covid-19 online news ...I hope no one told them that the pandemic was over....[they do seem to like the happy talk]... this is July isn't it?... Orders of the Health Officer Rescind April 2, 2020 Order of the Health Officer (5/02/2020) English Press Release - Kern County Health Officer Rescinds Local Order (5/02/2020) » Orders of the Kern County Health Officer (4/16/2020) English | Español Orders of the Kern County Health Officer (4/02/2020) English | Español....... God save the Queen .....oops...wrong county…half a million dead with a quarter of them in the USA….. and I know Naked Don said is will be a success if we don’t reach two million within the borders of our shiny new gated land… the home of brave and free….. but but but……


Wear a mask, save a life. Maybe yours.

Independent Voter

Just a question, Dweeb: Do you have ANYTHING to do during the day? I'm intrigued. What is the daily routine? Your presentation here


"Do you have ANYTHING to do during the day?" The only time this TRUMP WANNABE comes out from hiding under his bed is to post something then takes his MAGA pajamas, underwear, hat, and bowl of cereal back under his bed UNTIL he receives an alert from his phone that it is time to post something destructively ignorant again!

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