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In this file photo, mature marijuana plants grown for medical marijuana are seen in an undisclosed Orange County location.

The two measures on the ballot that would have overturned a ban on medical cannabis sales in Kern County both fared poorly in early election returns.

Measure D received 34,784 no votes and 22,987 yes votes with around 51.4 percent of precincts reporting, or 60.2 percent against to 39.8 in favor.

Measure E received 33,383 no votes and 24,207 yes votes with around 51.4 percent of precincts reporting, or around 58 percent against to around 42 percent in favor.

The two medical marijuana measures presented starkly different strategies for legalizing medical cannabis sales in Kern County.

Measure D ended up on the ballot after cannabis advocates led a successful signature campaign.

Medical marijuana dispensaries that were open before Jan. 1 2018 would be allowed to open under Measure D, providing they can provide documentation proving they were a legal business.

County officials wrote Measure E as an alternative to Measure D. The measure aims to provide a “clean slate” for the medical cannabis marketplace in Kern County. Rather than issue blanket permits for dispensaries open before a certain date, the measure would require dispensaries to apply for a conditional use permit from the county before being allowed to open.

Through the conditional use permit, Measure E gives county officials and the community some input into the types of dispensaries that would be allowed to open.

The topic of which dispensaries should be allowed to open under a new medical cannabis system has been hotly debated. Proponents for Measure D have said they do not want the county to be involved in approving dispensaries, afraid the county will pick and choose their preferred choices.

Meanwhile, some have worried Measure D would create a monopoly of its own by shutting out new dispensaries from opening in Kern County.

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(7) comments


Another reason for the rest of the state to keep referring to us as Korn Kounty USA.


Thank you Kern County voters. If either of the Measures had passed the price of Black Market marijuana would have nosedived, as it is I can still sell each pound i grow for about $2100 a pound, depending on the variety.


When oil is gone, and urban sprawl takes farmland, this city will be just another Lickskillet, Mississippi. It's like Merle Haggard writing about the evils of smoking pot while sharing a huge blunt with Willie in the back of the tour bus. Sure you can get it on any street corner, so why collect taxes? Meanwhile drunks kill people daily.


Obviously Imprimis still has the facts (as you read here again . . . & again) beyond Fed controlled substances acts:



Ok. Kind of the old “Okie-Arkie “ perception of our county messaging to tech and progressive companies: Do NOT bring your businesses and jobs/money to Kern. We are backward and you n your families will NOT fit in. WE are The Good Old Boys. Listen closely and you can hear The Banjo playing from the film “ Deliverance”. We could NOT progress like Fresno has.

So we love being mired in a time-warp. Big oil is on the way out. Property taxes don’t bring the revenues they once did. So we will just penny and two/three/four cent tax our citizens to death as they obviously don’t count so well. WE WON! Rings hollow when you realize what that all entails.

Kern County. The Poster Child for Jed, Granny and Jethro. Backwoods hillbillies. Wear it with pride and the ignorance you display do consistently. Well done!

Masked 2020

fyi........"Cannabis in California has been legal for medical use since 1996, and for recreational use since late 2016."........ so what now Kern County?...just what is legal now.......more than two decades latter.....a gaggle of supervising fools


Kern County. Holding on to the 50's with everything they've got.

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