Kern County Superior Court has summoned jurors for the week of May 26, according to a notice sent out by the court Friday.

"The Kern Superior Court continues to monitor closely the evolving coronavirus situation," it said. "The court continues to take steps to ensure procedures meet federal, state and local guidelines. We are receiving important timely updates from the Department of Public Health and the Judicial Council of California. As the situation evolves, we may adjust precautionary measures, as warranted."

Changes include offering online registration at; calling fewer jurors at a time, and fewer to a courtroom at one time; and showing a recorded version of orientation.

Anyone entering the court buildings, including the jury assembly room, must wear a face covering, the notice said.

Also, anyone who was scheduled for jury duty between March 23 and May 18 will receive a new summons. Anyone who needs to reschedule can contact Jury Services at 868-4700 or

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(5) comments


Oh absolutely not. Are you kidding me?


Go ahead and refuse the Court. I don’t think a judge will accept your excuse so you better have your checkbook ready. Maximum fine is around $1,500. If your really “nice” you may even get 5 days in jail. Probably hard to social distance in a cell.

Independent Voter

No worries, Veritas. Dweeb comes from the hearty kind of stock where you selectively stand your ground, concede only the facts you wish to acknowledge and pay herd only to laws, rules and regulations you personally like - while denying, of course, others the same privilege. "Screw that jury duty summons - I ain't doin' it. Oh, will you look at those filthy spreaders - jerks refusing to wear masks!" Being a progressive means embracing double standards.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

@IV: Yeah, I can see it now- maybe they can add "Snowflake" to the list of reasons for not declining jury duty??

Who can we speak with to get the ball rolling on that idea? I'm always looking to help my fellow man...

Gene Pool Chlorinator

*remove "not"...

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