Jaz McKay

Provoking listeners is a basic job requirement for many radio hosts, but KNZR’s Jaz McKay admits he went too far with a recent post on social media in which he wrote, in part, he was “getting ready to open a 30 round mag on you people.”

McKay said Wednesday he was simply “talking smack,” and was not threatening harm to anyone. But he acknowledged it was a mistake.

“That was stupid and beyond the pale,” he said.

Still, Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood said his office is conducting an investigation into the comments. The office suspended McKay’s permit to carry concealed weapons for the duration of the inquiry.

McKay said he didn’t commit a crime, but understands why the sheriff needs to look into it.

He denied writing another post in which a racial epithet was used. McKay said he became aware of that post six to eight months ago, and he believes it was photoshopped.

A handful of people attended a protest outside KNZR Tuesday morning to draw attention to his remarks. McKay said he was in a meeting at the time of the protest and doesn’t know the people involved.

He said he’s had detractors throughout his career, and this isn’t the first time someone has called for him to be removed from the airwaves.

“When you do a radio show like I do, you’re not going to please everybody and you’re going to have people who don’t like what you say,” he said.

John Black, the protest’s organizer, could not immediately be reached for comment Wednesday.

So while the self-proclaimed “God-fearing, gun-toting, flag-waving” McKay has to forgo the toting for a while, he said it’s not too much of a hassle.

McKay said he gained some weight recently and his gun was starting to cut into his right side. Once he drops a few pounds, and puts this incident behind him, he’ll be ready to carry more comfortably.

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Muhammad Fatwa al Jihad

Out of four comments, only one was regarding Jaz. The others talked about Obama, Hillary, Obamacare, the Democratic Party and other unrelated words. Your new prez has taught you three too well: avoid the main topic and turn the blame elsewhere.

amtfor attorneys

don't get me wrong without the police you would be robbed every day they are good for Kern but with any job there are bad apples I love this town and wish it would change for the good not for the rich

amtfor attorneys

he speaks his mind why didn't anyone go after Madonna for her threats to the President. True if u say something about the crooks that run Kern they will go after u thats the way life is no justice attorneys jaywalking all the time to court ,will now I see that one big jaywalker moved so he maybe now isn't jaywalking in front of police cars that roll by. The citizens run Kern and need to really get involved and run the crooks out . We all live here and know who they are don't think we don't we see u using city cars and paid gas to take your child to school while the tax payers pay for that perk


I'm just glad the Obama nightmare is over and Hillary is not around to perpetuate it. I left the Democratic Party a decade or so ago and have not had a smidgen of regret. Good thing, too, before the hard turn left took me over a cliff.

Floyd Roberts

Where is my Kevin? Since it seems as if Congress is never in session, just what does McCarthy do? Can anyone in his district tells us of anything that he has done for you, or anything that might make your life better. We know where he stands on protecting your health care, he would rather deprive twenty four million of people of
insurance coverage, rather than try to repair Obamacare, He prefers to give huge tax breaks to the wealthy with the republican Affordable Health Care Act, rather than decent coverage for those in his district.. He seems to support Trump in everything he says or does, no matter how detrimental it is for America. I have to ask McCarthy, when are you going to act like an American, rather than a politician?


It's no wonder why so many of us are so ill informed on matters of public affairs indulging ourselves in political fiction that affirms a narrative but defies the facts, unpleasant and unaffirming as they may be. We shouldn't be wasting our mental time listening to such on-air garbage. Talk radio like that on KNZR and Mr. McKay while so effective from a commercial marketing standpoint and popular with low information types from the standpoint of being considerate and informed is a complete waste of electrons. It's bad enough we elected a patently unqualified guy to be our president but what's worse is the number of people who, in their fog of misinformation, still believe his election was a good thing.


Hey Stephen....Aren't you supposed to be out spending that $2,500 you saved on your health insurance costs?


It was not as important to get Trump into office as it was to keep Hillary OUT of office...! I voted tor Trump for that reason…and I would do it again without hesitation…!

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