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Voters cast their ballots at a polling place in Mountain View. 

The Kern County Elections Department says 86 Kern County residents were improperly registered by the California Department of Motor Vehicles in two separate instances of mistaken registrations identified by the department this fall.

Earlier this week, the DMV announced an internal audit had revealed 1,500 mistaken registrations. A total of 22 were residents of Kern County, said Karen Rhea, assistant Kern County auditor-controller.

In September, the DMV announced it had sent the Secretary of State’s office 23,000 inaccurate voter registrations, of which 64 were Kern County residents.

The DMV has since worked to rectify both batches of registration errors. The Kern County Elections Office has cancelled the voter registrations of all those identified by the DMV.

Rhea said the Elections Department had been contacted by at least one person who identified themselves as someone who had been improperly registered to vote and requested to be taken off the rolls.

Rhea noted that just because someone had been registered to vote did not mean that they had voted.

California residents have the option of registering to vote when they apply or reapply for a state driver's license through the new “motor voter” law, which came into effect in April.

Secretary of State Alex Padilla has said he may recommend freezing the program until the errors could be sorted out.

He called the errors unacceptable.

In the first batch of errors, reported in September, 23,000 voter registrations were compromised with mistakes such as a person being registered to a party they did not choose.

In the most recent announcement, individuals who should not have been eligible to register, were unintentionally put in the state’s voter rolls.

In a letter to the secretary of state, DMV Director Jean Shiomoto said no undocumented immigrants were registered as a result of the error.

But at least one non-citizen of the U.S. has come forward, saying they were registered to vote by the DMV improperly.

Randall Marquis, a Canadian citizen in the United States on a green card, told the LA Times he received a card in the mail notifying him that he had been registered.

The DMV blamed the most recent error on processing mistakes made by technicians at field offices. The Department said an upgrade to the IT system would prevent the reoccurrence of the error.

Mark Meuser, candidate for secretary of state issued a statement as a result of the most recent reveal.

“It seems like every two weeks we're hearing another story of incompetence by the Secretary of State who is failing to properly maintain California's voter rolls," Meuser said. "This situation keeps snowballing. It needs to be fixed. It's vital that Alex Padilla is held accountable for his failed program of voter registration through the DMV affecting approximately a hundred thousand Californians."

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But, according to the main stream media and the Democrats, there isn't a problem will illegal aliens (illegal foreign invaders) voting.


Since you didn't read the article I'll help you: "no undocumented immigrants were registered as a result of the error." no-undocumented-immigrants


Jail time . . .! They knew what they were doing.

Citizen Kane

Same old Cali con game.


Make sure they do not vote. This is a outrage. DMV should be in trouble for this.


Wait, the DMV screws up people's registration and you want to penalize THE PEOPLE? They didn't do anything wrong. Am I misreading your comment?


An internal audit, designed to catch things like this, catches mistakes is an outrage? 86 defects per million is well above five sigma and really is statistically irrelevant.

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