A seventh county resident has died from coronavirus, according to new data released Thursday morning from the Kern County Public Health Services Department.

Public health also confirmed 27 new COVID-19 cases within the county Thursday, bringing the total case count to 902 since March 13.

Of those cases, 332 patients are currently isolating at home, 30 are being treated at local hospitals and 524 have recovered.

Nine non-county residents have tested positive for the virus while in Kern, according to public health data.

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Rather than hating Trump, perhaps people should wonder why this has blown up to make everyone afraid. The flu takes many lives each year. Suppose a vaccine is created; it would only be good for a few months until another strain occurs, then what does everyone do, go get another shot (the flu shots only work, at most, 60% of the time). What's interesting is that Bill Gates invested hugely in vaccine companies and now wants to see that the world is vaccinated. He has also been involved in "gene therapy." Would you really trust Gates to be the one to give everyone one of his vaccines???? He has always been in favor of reducing the population in any way possible. It seems that this virus, and the scare it produces, will do the trick.

Independent Voter

From me to Dweeb, to Inconvenient Truth and JR - we all actually agree on one thing: we want transparency from Public Health. Why so secretive? Underlying conditions? Location data? That we even have to ask suggests there is a problem.


It really should be uniform throughout the state, instead of each county doing their own thing. I have no real issue with Constantine, other than he appears to be in over his head. Haven’t been to or watched any of the BOS meetings in quite a while. Has anyone brought this subject up in one of those meetings?


Please keep in mind, we have hundreds of tests that have been collected but no results yet. Are the backlog of tests all completed? These backlogs of tests are not allowing us to know the true presence/absence of the Virus. And why aren’t the positive and negative results listed by County and Zip Code Like other States so we can learn where all the hit spots are located? Just asking for a friend


It would seem to me that the only people that need to be tested are people that have symptoms..


If it was 2019 and a non election year we’d still be normal operations.


It would be good to discover the age of the people who died and what their health status was. Also, are all of these deaths caused by the virus, or simply the flu? I've heard that doctors are being urged to say that ALL deaths are due to the virus. What is the truth????


Exactly. What is the truth? One thing I'm sure of, the truth doesn't come from Trump and his sycophants and lackeys.


JR: You can't handle the truth.


Trump's America . . . MAGA . . . COV-19 is history . . . ! Fortunes and infortunes of WAR . . . ! (what else did the latest 'casualty' have to cause expiration . . . ?)





Crazy town.


30 million Unemployed....Negative GDP largest since the Great Depression..Trumps America...IF you want more of the same keep voting for him

Boogerface Nutter

Voting for whom? Pretty sure the president isn't at fault for all this and the handling of an issue no one knew how to handle...well...what would you have done?

Gene Pool Chlorinator

@Boogerface- thanks for being real.

We really have no time for partisanship when people are dying.

Like I mentioned before, there will be plenty of time afterwards to see where things could've been improved, and more importantly, readying ourselves for the next one...


You're right. No partisan early opening protests. Look at me! I'm a deplorable rebel! I'm going to spread this virus whether you like it or not. Don't talk partisan to us we see right through you.


I would have believed the experts in early Feb and I did. I contacted my family, told them to get ready and they did. We were already stocked up when the shutdown came.

Trump lied. "We will have no cases, it will miraculously disappear, don't let that cruise ship land it will up my numbers, ots a Democratic hoax!"

Gove me a break. The man is in WAY over his head.

Thank God for our Governot!


I agree except when you say, Trump is way over his head. This implies, at least to me, that he may be trying to do his best to protect people from coronavirus but just doesn't have the intellectual or leadership chops to do so. In truth, he cares nothing about the people in this country and has done nothing to protect them. The opposite: he's using this vulnerable time steal and cheat and grab all the money he can from the taxpayers and any other way he can. He's a monster.


Oh yeah right dweebous. You were ready? Unlikely. You can't see passed your pug nose to see what's coming. You are clueless.


Find it hard to take anything seriously that is said by someone with an preadolescent ID. But it makes perfect sense that you'd also be a Trump follower, to the very end.


Boogerface: Exactly! They would have no clue as to what to do. Can you imagine Biden trying to handle this virus!!! There will always be lemmings that like having homeless defecating in the streets; having sanctuary cities; open borders; taking away our guns; etc...…..and they are all Democrats.


"Therefore encourage one another and build one another up". (Thessalonians 5:11)


"Let patience preserve ye your soul"

Let's talk Bible!


Let's not. Let's talk reasonably, instead.


Except when the other person backs and supports a corrupt, money-grabbing leader. How can I support someone who's not acting in my. or the country's, best interest.


JR: Do you think Biden is a good person? Someone who sexually abuses women? Trump may have his faults but he doesn't go around assaulting women. Trump does care about the working class, while the Dems do not at all. They simply want to control all of us and if you don't see that you are blind. They have even stated that they want to use the virus as a reason to completely change our system of government.


Yes, he's handled this very well huh? I figured in 2016 he'd kill us by 2020. But I thought he'd start a nuclear war or something. I mean he still has 7 months so we aren't out of the woods yet.

He'll do ANYTHING to get reelected. We are just expendable fodder to him, so be prepared!


You never have the guts to answer my questions Dweeb, so I won't hold my breath.

If Trump is responsible for all these deaths, as you say...

Who is responsible for all deaths in Italy? In Great Britain? In France? In Germany? In Russia? In Iran? In Venezuela?

Are you getting it, comrade? Can you even say CCP: Chinese Communist Party?

Gene Pool Chlorinator

And you'll do ANYTHING to draw attention to yourself.

Were you the middle child in your family???


Moardeeb: You have been brainwashed by the media and Hollywood. Do you ever wonder why 98% of the media and Hollywood are against Trump? They want their sick agenda put into action and especially everything "green" including controlling what cars we can buy, how we can heat our houses, make everyone put solar on their roofs. It's all about control......since they could not get rid of Trump using everything they knew about at the time, they are using this virus into to bring down our economy and all others that will not bow down to the "greenies."


We were hoping he'd only kill you. Our bad.


His election was meant to be dweebous. Why fight the fact he's your president and will probably be your president for another 4.5 years? Look past your pug nose and see what's coming. The "why" doesn't matter.


Pedohater: At what point will you finally comprehend that it's China's fault??? How idiotic to blame Trump when the rest of the world knows it was not Trump's fault.

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