Kern County Public Health announced the third coronavirus case locally Thursday afternoon.

This is the fourth case of coronavirus in Kern County total. Earlier this week, a non-visitor was reported as having COVID-19 while in county borders.

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Information for Healthcare Providers:

All suspected cases of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) must be reported immediately to the Kern County Public Health Services Department. During normal business hours, call (661) 321-3000. After hours, on weekends, or holidays, call (661) 241-3255.

Do not send patients to Public Health to be tested for COVID-19. Specimens are to be collected at the healthcare facility where the patient is assessed. Specimens for COVID-19 testing may now be sent to commercial or clinical laboratories such as WestPac, Quest, LabCorp, and ARUP.

Patient Under Investigation (PUI) Form

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2019 Novel Coronavirus (1/27/20)

Additional Guidance (2/11/20)

COVID-19 Update (3/1/20)

Healthcare Exposure Assessment and Management (3/12/2020)

Additional Updates for Healthcare Provider Regarding COVID-19

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