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In this file photo, riders enjoy the sun and breeze on the wave swing on the Butler Amusement midway at the Kern County Fair.

Kern County Fair leaders have released an official statement in response to allegations that they grossly mismanaged taxpayer funds for years.

A state auditor’s report released in August details widespread instances of violations of state law and workplace misconduct at an unnamed county fair.

For the last several days, employees and former employees of the fair have said to numerous local media, including The Californian, that the investigation pertains to Kern County.

The claims have cast doubt over the fair as it wraps up its second week of festivities.

In response to the questions, CEO Mike Olcott and Chairwoman Blodgie Rodriguez released a statement.

The statement is, “Due to California whistleblower law, we are unable to disclose the name of the fair that was the subject of the State Auditor’s report last month.”

The statement echoes a claim made by the State Auditor’s Office, which said it could not reveal the name of the fair due to the state whistleblower law.

It remains uncertain if the fair in question will ever be unveiled by the state.

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KARMA for the Olcotts.


It's incredible nobody has been removed from their public office job concerning this. The "code of silence" is alive and well.


Wow! This abuse of power and taxpayers money has got to be criminal! I look forward to arrest being made in the upcoming days! What a disgrace!

Bill Peloquin

Is it me or do people that run publicly funded activities tend to turn them over into their personal slush fund.

A good way to stop that type of abuse is to change a person on the Board of Directors every year and term limit BOD members.

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