Former Kern County Superior Court Commissioner Joseph J. Gianquinto has been publicly censured for Facebook posts involving, among other things, expression of anti-Muslim, anti-immigration and anti-gay marriage sentiments.

"Mr. Gianquinto's conduct constituted conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice that brings the judicial office into disrepute ...," the state Commission on Judicial Performance said in its decision made public Wednesday.

Gianquinto resigned as a court commissioner in March and has agreed not to seek or hold judicial office in any court in California, according to the decision.  

Katy A. Cummings, Gianquinto's attorney, said he has no comment other than he's looking forward to putting the matter behind him. 

Among the posts Gianquinto made on his Facebook page are the following:

• "When he said he was going to 'fundamentally transform' this nation, he was gaining success. He was going to transform it from a primarily Judeo-Christian nation into Islam. Got it now? Thank God for Trump." — Posted Feb. 10, 2017

• "What a pity it is to watch the RINOs (Republican in name only) run from the immigration order like roaches when the light comes on. They are more interested in saving their positions, than in protecting the rest of us." — Posted Jan. 31, 2017

• "For the Indian Rez that will not permit the wall built on 75 miles of border on their land — how about building the wall around that rez, fencing them into Mexico? That should please them." — Posted Jan. 30, 2017

• "As I drove to the gym this morning, my route goes past several low income housing units recently built, and some apartment buildings that are also low income. I did not see a single light on at 6:00. That is when people going to work arise." Posted April 17 (year illegible)

Gianquinto also reposted a number of memes. One said, "It takes a special kind of lunatic to think that importing welfare recipients who want to kill us is a good idea," according to the document. 

Another says, "Islamists want bacon banned because it offends them. I say ban Islamists because it offends my bacon!" 

The commission said in its decision that Gianquinto violated multiple judicial canons by, among other things, failing to uphold the integrity and independence of the judiciary, failing to act at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary and failing to avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety. 

Gianquinto served as a commissioner from Dec. 20, 2007 to March 30, 2018. 

On May 8, 2017, Judge Charles R. Brehmer notified Gianquinto in writing that some of his Facebook posts were "of significant concern," according to the decision. 

Gianquinto met with Brehmer a week later, according to the document, and submitted a written response saying he immediately deleted the posts and wouldn't share similar posts in the future. 

Several weeks later, Brehmer issued a private written reprimand to Gianquinto that said in part his Facebook page contained "content that was derogatory to certain members of our community and further was out of line with the Judicial Canons," according to the decision.

But the judge said he was satisfied Gianquinto understood and had "appropriately addressed" his errors in judgement.

Gianquinto, however, didn't immediately make his Facebook page private, nor did he delete all of the inappropriate posts, according to the decision. He said he had intended to delete the posts but they remained public until August 2017 due to his unfamiliarity with how to remove them.

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Stating the obvious

Vavoom. Jesus... You are stupid. Take the statement, "For the Indian Rez that will not permit the wall built on 75 miles of border on their land — how about building the wall around that rez, fencing them into Mexico?"
I can't analyze every statement for you- but you obviously need someone to- so I"ll break this down. Native American reservations are geographically within the United States. Politically, they are sovereign entities. Hence, it would violate no laws or ethics to build the wall around a reservation and have it geographically in Mexico. Again, because it is a sovereign nation. Nothing racist here. Just geography and facts. You should really get an education.


AMEN JJ. NO ONE SHOULD EVER LOSE THEIR RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!! Additionally, there is no need to review any of his decisions. First off, he did traffic court, which speaks for itself. Secondly, I sat in that courtroom dozens of times for traffic violations. He treated everyone the same, always. Let it go LIBTARDS!!!!


how do we censure Donald?


We don’t. We change the rules and allow him to be president until he dies.


Let cohen talk!


I thought his comments were fine. I think he should run for office....


Get these weirdos out of Kern County! We’re turning BLUER by the week! My judgement for Gianquinto: BEAT IT!

Stating the obvious

Not sure if any of you are lawyers but... No statements disparage anyone. I thought Judges enjoy the 1st Amendment too. All he did was put words to truth. No single group was attacked that did not attack first. Looks like he was targeted for supporting Trump. Thjs is a favorite tactic of the hypocritical liberals- 1st Amendment for everyone until you say something they disagree with.


aah... did you read the article? judges are held to a higher standard and if he has any COMMON sense, he should stay off facebook. idiot person first and idiot judge second.... i guess a law degree does not gaurantee you basic knowledge of how to "remove posts from facebook"...." no statements disparage anyone"- republican logic- then are all republicans racist self centered bible thumpers who like young children? use your republican logic to dissect that summation.


San Francisco is calling your name. You should move!


Typical response, “leave” if you have Critical assessment of those in power.... or a republican. He has the right to free speech and you object to the audiences’ denigration but quickly suggest relocation for me.....hypocrisy!


I agree with you 100%. Guess some didn't hear about the Muslim Extremist camp in New Mexico where a man murdered his 3 year old son and buried him on the compound. Some kids texted the police. Asking for food and water. They told police that they were being trained to do a school shooting. Liberals do not get it. Immigrants are murdering a lot of people. Been in the news a lot. To liberals that is ok. They don't mind. Yes, that Judges was speaking the truth.


The New Mexico case has nothing to do with immigrants. The adults are not immigrants. They are black Muslims and because they are Muslims, it doesn’t make them by default extremists and/or immigrants. That is Fox News logic, fake news logic. ***To help your nuerotransmitters synapse outside of faux news, let me spell it out for you: columbine massacre ( 13 students dead), Theodore kaczynski( 3 dead, multiple injured), Stephen paddock( Las Vegas shooting 58 dead), Adam lanza( sandy hook 20 6-7 year-olds and 6 adults dead), James holmes(Colorado theatre shooting 12 dead), dylan roof (Charleston church 9 dead). Anyone of them an immigrant?


Side note. Did those guys kill people? Or did their guns kill people? I know your answer, but had to ask anyways. MAGA!!!


Yes. All JJ did was put words to his vision of the world. A vision that he has every right to express as an individual, but one with no place on the bench. I never realized how odious his belief system, as he hid it behind his Tweets. Now it's time for a criminal defense attorney who has no personal axe to grind with any religion or immigrant group, to review, for bias, each and every case for which JJ issued an order or ruling. I want to insure that his 1st Amendment right to be a hateful person through speech did not extend to his actions on the bench. Just "stating the obvious" to those who understand the law.


Sad someone tasked with making decisions in Court for a diversified community could post so many negative posts. How fair was he when dealing with Latinos, Muslims, or others he takes issue with so openly? Someone should review his decisions. How many others in the court share his beliefs? Someone should check court workers social media it might not surprise anybody. Sad. Shame on YOU!


he posted "Islamists want bacon banned because it offends them. I say ban Islamists because it offends my bacon!"- your bacon is shriveled up and your meat ain't packed right! we need to ban you from practicing in every state!

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