The Kern County Public Health Services Department announced 115 new COVID-19 cases Monday morning.

Kern's total virus case count is now at 30,860 since the first was announced locally six months ago. There have been 332 virus-related deaths during that time in Kern.

Local data on COVID-19 can be found by going online to the following website:

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Masked 2020

It wasn’t a deer…..The South Dakota Attorney General was involved but uninjured in a fatal Saturday night crash in Hyde County while driving home from a GOP dinner…. Bet he wished he never went to Roosters ….“The Attorney General was involved in a crash,” Gov. Kristi Noem said at an unscheduled Sunday afternoon press conference in Sioux Falls. “There was a fatality.”----- Spink County 2020 Lincoln Day Dinner September 12, 2020 @ 5:00pm - 8:30pm Please join the Spink County Republicans at Rooster's Bar & Grill in Redfield SD! 5pm Social 6:30pm Dinner Tickets $50.00 in advance, $30 at the door. Advance tickets will be registered to be eligibility to win a .45 Trump handgun! Contact Jeni at 605-460-1766 with any questions.


Trump admitted he lied, PEOPLE DIED! Bin Laden 5,000 eventual deaths from 9/11. Trump 200,000 deaths. More Americans have died this year from the coronavirus than died in World War I due to the absolutely catastrophic failure of leadership from Donald Trump and the Republican Senate.  Twice the Americans dead than the number of fatalities in the Vietnam War. 200,000 grieving families! There's a word for that massive loss of life: unacceptable. The majority of Republicans, 63% say it's ok they died. Its "acceptable." That is outrageous! Republicans, what has happened to your humanity? You were enraged when 3,000 Americans died on 9/11. I know Covid is not a Muslim you can hate on, but when did you lose your compassion for your fellow Americans? How about your fellow Republicans that have died? Nothing? Shame on you. I know there is no reasoning with you, you are too indoctrinated. I've just decided to chalk it up to Stockholm Syndrome.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

"I know there is no reasoning with you, you are too indoctrinated."

OMG: YOU of all people are accusing others of this???

I think anyone (regardless of politics) on this site with a functioning frontal lobe is ROTFLTAO at that one...


Breathe deep, Moardork....Breathe deep....


Republicans consistently claim Covid-19 is unlike anything ever seen and their King repeatedly states Obama left the warchest empty, the cupboard bare. So if Covid-19 is unlike anything Republicans have ever seen, how could Obama have left anything for their King in the medicine cabinet? Republicans and their King frequently call Covid-19 the China Virus which is the first time in history, a country was blamed for a disease, a virus, a plague, illness, endemic, etc. because it is easier to blame than to cure. In 1347 the bubonic plague was new too, but no country was to blame and responsible leaders looked for a cure unlike Republicans who only want to blame. Republicans will blame China but place no blame on their King. In 1580 the first case of Chicken Pox WAS ALSO NEW, UNLIKE ANYTHING EVER SEEN, yet leaders searched for a cure rather than blame a country like Republicans. In 1850, Polio was ALSO NEW, UNLIKE ANYTHING EVER SEEN, yet no country was blamed and unlike Republicans, leaders worked furiously to find a cure rather than waste months blaming China. In 1897, Malaria was found and no country was blamed and unlike the Republican King and his loyal followers like IV and VERITAS, no excuse was made that THIS IS NEW UNLIKE ANYTHING EVER SEEN, because true leaders just worked hard for a cure. They did not play the Republican name game. In 1954 measles happened, WAS NEW UNLIKE ANYTHING EVER SEEN, and yet again leaders did not cry like Republicans and their King "It's China's Fault" True leaders searched for a cure. HIV happened in 1981, and I heard Republicans and their King blamed it on Chinese homosexuals because there were certainly no Republican homosexuals. Again HIV WAS NEW UNLIKE ANYTHING EVER SEEN, and true leaders did not play the Republican blame game and are stilling working hard for a cure. The world has a history of seeing something devastating WHICH IS NEW UNLIKE ANYTHING EVER SEEN AND TRUE LEADERS HAVE DONE SOMETHING ABOUT IT "NOT CRY ABOUT IT AND BLAME CHINA"

The Independent Voter

Hey, Brain, look up the name DR. LI MENG YAN and tell me what you learn. Your narrative, as usual, us wrong. You have absolutely no clue, Cajones. You post these long, detailed diatribes that most don't read - because they are hate-induced liberal talking points straight from the DNC. By the way, please note that a federal judge today ruled that the restrictions put in place by Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf in that state are all unconstitutional. This is a preview of what's to come. The COVID lie continues to crumble.


The most important thing to know about Trump's rallies is that he uses it to say things out loud that most people would only say behind closed doors and it gives us a chance to use his own vulnerabilities against him," said Cecil. "We spend a lot of time trying to decide which things Trump has said in his rallies should be included" in ads.

Rally on Trump. Doing us all kinds of favors! Party!

The Independent Voter

As always, Dweeb, on topic and on point. Brilliant!


“The Covid Lie”........yet Trump claims to have “and I saved 1, 2 maybe three million lives!.

Tough to stay on message when all the lies and different narratives and the desperation ....never sync up.

Another Independent Voter

Yes, the Covid Lie. What's the mortality rate, FakePatriot? I don't care what Trump says. Remember, Jack, I'm The Independent Voter. Trump says what Trump has to say, like all politicians. Me? I saw yes, indeed, the Covid Lie. Run the numbers, FakePatriot. Explain to me the obvious inconsistencies in Newsom's mandates. Why did we release prisoners rather than provide them with those reliable masks and quarantine them to their cells for safety? Why can we cluster at Wal-Mart in search of toilet paper but not Mexicali indoors with social distancing measures in place? Why can we march on Costco for Halloween costumes and pumpkin pies but church indoors with social distancing measures is totally unacceptable? Don't get me started on looting, protests, shootings and arson. Why does Nancy get to have a futile beauty makeover but I can't settle into any indoor barber chair in town to get my curly locks chopped? Sync that all up for me, FakePatriot. Factor in and piece together this information I have offered and establish the true narrative for me, since I apparently am so daft that my eyes and ears deceive me based on what I plainly see. Go on, friend. I'm waiting.

Normal Guy

Good news Another Independent Voter, you can now get your haircut indoors even in California! Now time for schools to open...

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