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Kern County Chief Administrative Officer Ryan Alsop speaks at a March 30 news conference about COVID-19.

Kern County Chief Administrative Officer Ryan Alsop lashed out at a new state policy that artificially inflates a county’s COVID-19 case rate if the average number of tests given out over a seven-day period falls below the state’s threshold.

The county is currently in the purple tier of the state’s color-coded four-tier system, and subject to the most severe economic restrictions in California. While coronavirus metrics have been improving, the state’s artificial increase of the county’s COVID-19 case rate puts Kern potentially months away from moving into the second most restrictive tier, the red tier.

“We’re making strong progress on our case rate numbers and our testing positivity rate and we are looking to move into the state’s red tier as soon as possible,” Alsop said. “This arbitrary directive only makes an already very slow process for additional limited reopening of businesses and getting our kids back in school even slower. We don’t know what it is intended to achieve other than to keep our economy locked down the way it is for a longer period of time and to keep parents out of work and their children out of the classroom longer.”

He said the state had been constantly “moving the goalposts” on counties with little advance warning on changes that are abruptly made.

“Counties up and down the state are literally being whipsawed by these constant changes,” he said, “changes being dictated by the governor and his public health team, with very little to no involvement of counties in the decision-making process.”

As of Tuesday, the number of Kern County residents testing positive for coronavirus over a seven day period was 7.8 per 100,000, according to the California Department of Public Health. The state requires counties to be under 7 per 100,000 in order to move into the red tier, meaning Kern had been inching closer to that goal.

However, because the number of tests conducted over a seven-day period in Kern County equaled 126 per 100,000, far below the state average of 217.9 per 100,000, the state adjusted Kern’s case rate higher.

That adjustment turned Kern County’s 7.8 into a 9.2, far above the state’s requirements.

“We simply cannot force people to go get tested even though we have the availability that we do,” Alsop said, adding that the unadjusted rate put Kern County on the precipice of moving into the red tier.

The county’s testing positivity rate — the ratio of tested people who receive positive results — is 9.9 percent according to the state, when it needs to be less than 8 percent.

The state updates each county’s numbers every Tuesday, with a seven-day lag.

When he announced the change last Friday, Gov. Gavin Newom said the state needed to do more to address the lingering coronavirus pandemic.

“We have made notable progress over recent weeks, but the disease is still too widespread across the state,” he said in a statement. “COVID-19 will be with us for a long time and we all need to adapt. We need to live differently. And we need to minimize exposure for our health, for our families and for our communities.”

Previously the state had required counties to have a certain percentage of hospital and intensive care unit beds available in case of a coronavirus surge. The county subsequently devoted resources to increasing hospital capacity, even going so far as to spend $12 million to bring in nurses from outside the area to expand the number of people who could be cared for locally.

However, under the new system, the state eliminated the hospital capacity requirement, leading to some frustration among county officials.

For Alsop and other counties, changes must be made.

“Governor, Kern County joins other counties in demanding that you stop moving the goalposts on us,” he said during the meeting. “We demand that you work more closely with us. We are demanding that you not arbitrarily assign a penalty because our population is not going in to get weekly tests. We are demanding that you not continue to make this situation any harder on our business community and on our kids than it already is. We are demanding that you reevaluate and change this course of action to reflect our actual numbers.”

You can reach Sam Morgen at 661-395-7415. You may also follow him on Twitter @smorgenTBC.

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(62) comments


So Newsom changes the math formula because Kern county isn't testing as much as he thinks we should. Who would get tested if you didn't have symptoms? Maybe he thinks mandatory testing would be in order to prolong his circus. What an idiot we have as a governor.

Masked 2020

oh oh zippy....come on.......Zippy and his Klan...Fools in Trumps Paradise ....I cant believe how far et all have fallen for the Liar in Chief's B.S.


Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum: "The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine and reset our world." Originally the lockdowns were created to preserve bed space in hospitals, but it never became a problem. Remember the hospital ship and arena with beds that Trump provided for N.Y? It was never used because Cuomo didn't want Trump to get any credit for providing help, so instead, Cuomo sent hundreds of covid infected old people into assisted facilities who then infected the people there, and they died. All of those people could have been saved, had Cuomo used the facilities for the sick old people, instead of sending them back into the assisted facilities.

The Independent Voter

Zeppo, don't confuse our resident rubes with truth and facts. You could damage their already frail sensibilities.


I think it's called "herd" immunity from facts.

The Independent Voter

Zeppo, absolutely!


Wrong. Nursing facility—a disaster— happened waaay before they built other facilities—which since virus was brand new so it was a prudent move to get ahead of it. Also waaay before ship docked.

Keep the ignorant lies going. Lol

Desperate hours since yer Fearless FatBoy draft Dodger “patriot” got caught ON TAPE revealing he fooled all The Base. Lol. Made fools of you who swore virus was a fraud. He warned HIZ family, but not yours. HaHa. So funny.

He slapped his Base do hard they STILL lick his crusty face and worship him. Lol. He and Melania laugh at you every night!

Bye-bye. Can’t get caught on tape slapping yer very own supporters... AND also slap the military veterans! Lol. Bye-bye


Dweeb and Mask, The Virus must not be dangerous becouse our Senator Nancy Pelosi does not wear her Mask.


She’s so drunk all the time that she is sanitized.


Yes,.....drunk with power!


Is Kern County getting credit for all the tests done at the State Prisons located here? All staff are tested every two weeks as well as many of the inmates where cases arise.


Credit? Shut up. So desperate. Sheeez. Sound like Cesspool and veritas-Bonita’s and Indy-Dependz-Wearer. And my Zipper Er Zep-ho.

Did you count the stretch marks on FatBoy Red Wig STDonald’s belly?! Haha

The Independent Voter

You really are Cajones Daddy, aren't you!? I see a very strong family resemblance.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

Triggered MrKnowNothingAtAll?

Oooh... can't handle an honest question, can you?

Because even you know the answer and it's not an act of desperation- it's a legitimate question.

Try some Hydrocortisone cream on that irritation under the epidermis, and may I also suggest Fluphenazine for the issues between your ears...

Good luck Pumpkin...

Masked 2020

Sickofit... did they let you out for time served?......where you been for the last year?


Covid results are taking forever to come in and some times not at all. When the backlog of results do come in, it doesn’t mean there’s a surge of the virus. It’s only a surge of test results.


I have been tested twice. Once at Good Samaritan. Results took two days. Test was free, and I had to have an appointment. Results were negative and once at Central Valley Occupational Medical Group. I had to have an appointment. I don't know how much the test cost because it was through my business, but the results came back in two hours. Negative. It took my son 8 days to get his results back from Accelerated Healthcare on Olive and Calloway, and he was the first in from our company.


In conclusion:................WE'VE BEEN PLAYED!!!


Big time, Zeppo...a travesty of epic proportions. Is there no one who can run against this stooge of a Governor? It's only going to get more embarrassing when the curve gets lower, while he continues to create new ways to oppress this once-powerful state.


What ya mean WE been played. Speak for yourself. MrKnowitall is immune from such commonalities.

All-Slop is a canal crawdad. Little brained. Do what you are ordered Minion! YOU have zero power over Governor. A lot of people are saying You are used to dictating to these backwards backwoods Dust Bowl clowns who are uneducated and unsophisticated Check the credentials of Supervisors and City Counsel. Yuck!

They say that the only thing All -Slop does is cater to the business folks. A lot of people say SAFETY is secondary in corridors of KC power.

They say Why doesn’t All-Slop persuade KC to enforce behavior to stop spread? And that Then the numbers would AZlWAYS be super good. They are saying: But NO. No citations, no in-custody ramifications as these lugnuts feast at local barf-eateries and functions with no masks and no distancing. They also say’You GET what you Earn and DESERVE’.And that you have earned and deserve the status you have. 9.9! They are saying,Shame on you. And a lot of people say tha: Numbers are dropping and you want a “good job” pat on back? And they say: The numbers were soooo crazy that any drop looked good in comparison—But that it’s still too high.

They also say: So quit yer whining. A lot of people are saying You and Health Dept. asked for this with yer policies. And that Now you got it. And that you should just Embrace the rules. They are saying that ANZyone coulda predicted this mess... but ya claim not to have foreseen it. They say that is So silly. And that NOW you wanna cry? They say you should Save it for The Dummies and that they ain’t buying the load of Cesspool matter you trying to sell to the public. That you should Just do yer job and shut up.

I dunno. But a lot of people are saying you are just rotten and if KC just followed and ENFORCED the known mitigating factors of virus spread KC could be up and running at 100%.

People are saying Wuhan had zero infections last couple weeks. And that Germany only has 70 deaths a day compared to our about a thousand. And that we are Number One in virus infections and deaths in THE WORK because of backwards enforcement.

Yup. A lot of people are saying a lot of things that do not appear to support the crying you are doing. They are saying: Get a tissue. Blow yer nose. And do your job CORRECTLY.


You must be related to Dweeb, because you both cannot write a coherent reply without using "street" language

The Independent Voter

I'm beginning to think, Zeppo, that all of this looney leftists are actually one very bored, very lonely 14 year old with nothing to do.


The reason used for upping the rate from 7.8 to 9.2 could have been used to lower the rate from 7.8 to 6.4. The person who did this drilled a hole in their head and pumped in 30 pounds of wet concrete - it's obvious it hasn't dried yet!


My heart goes out the the small and other business owners who are continuing to suffer because of the arrogance of people who refused to following the very simple rules from the very beginning. These people are to blame and should look in the mirror and point their fingers directly at themselves, rather than the governor, Kevin McCarthy, or anyone else. These people should then look at how things went in other countries, namely throughout Europe, where the rules were followed and restrictions were loosened accordingly as infection rates leveled and then declined many months ago. Grow up and take responsibility for the impact of your mistakes.

The Independent Voter

Proto, you are kidding, right? Specifically WHERE in Europe? What countries? Germany, where they recently marched in protest of severe restrictions? Paris, where they marched in protest of severe restrictions? Germany? The UK has tightened restrictions, again, after months of this. Justify for me why Wal-Mart and Costco are great places to pack 'em in but a church willing to follow all safety guidelines is not allowed? If masks are the answer, why were prisoners released rather than given masks and ordered to quarantine in their cells? Do you feel it's fair to keep us locked down because people REFUSE to get tested? Seriously research this, think about who you blame for this, then get back to me. But to your point about Europe, to compare our country and any of our customs to their way of life is a disservice to all Americans. Most of us value and treasure the freedoms men and women have died to defend. You would have us give that up in the face of a virus with a mortality rate if less than 1%? It doesn't trouble you that only 6% of our infected population actually died from COVID, itself? It doesn't make you ponder lockdown requirements when the vast majority of souls lost were already old, sick and infirm? I invite you, Proto, to run the numbers yourself. Think about total population, both in the world and here in the US. Factor Kern County population and run the numbers. If it is arrogance to question motives and actions of elected officials, we should all be guilty of that. To blindly follow without questioning isn't arrogance, it's ignorance.


Well said. Proto drank the kool-aid.


Excellent and well-informed reply! Thank you.


A dog always returns to its vomit. Zippy The Clown. Indypendzdiapers, Cesspool. “Run the numbers”. Lol. Hahaha. The numbers are posted everyday. I just choose to read the data just as Johns Hopkins, The May Clinic, and Harvard rMedical does—NOT like some yokel on Fox.


Couldn't have typed it better myself, TIV - thank you!


Scarlet-necks are too ignorant to look in the mirror. FatBoy told his own family: be careful. The virus is real. But Shhhhhh! Don’t tell the savages” Dirty Don Jr. asked: But shouldn’t we warn The Base? FatBoy Red Wig STDonald Sr. slapped junior across the chops and yelled, “ You idiot; those savages are nothings. They are poor. They are NOT like us!” Then he laughed. Junior pleaded, “But what about their women and children that have supported us and got you into The White House?” FatBoy kicked him in the stomach and screamed, “Who cares about those losers... we got millions of those dumb zombies, they can be replaced—-but my re-election is more important than their LITTLE LIVES!”

So funny. So danged funny. Yup He PLAYED his dummy base like a fiddle. Even Melania laughed!!

And now ya got what ya got. Moving vans idling in front of the Stink House waiting to move them Hoboes out on the street on Inauguration Day. HaHaHa!!


I hope someone like you doesn't reproduce..........


Open this bi_atch up!!


YES!! The numbers are inflated because even if you die in a car crash it's written down that it is due to covid!

Heather Picket

Numbers have been manipulated all along . Now the Governor is simply admitting it. He has zero conscious or shame. More people have died from suicide and overdose in the US since January. Fact. Enough of this BS

Tree Dweller

“As we know, we have a rise in COVID throughout the Central Valley and the only way to get a handle on this is testing.” - Kevin McCarthy

Masked 2020

Thank U tree dweller

The Independent Voter

Sure, that was then, this is now. Yes, thank you Swamp Dweller.

Masked 2020

its so odd.............is Masked Mike supporting this?... Vote Harris-Biden 4 clarity in 2020........A campaign urging people to burn and get rid of face masks en masse on September 15 has been spreading on Facebook and Instagram, despite multiple state laws and health experts’ guidance to wear them. As the novel coronavirus pandemic has spread throughout the United States, both public officials and health experts have urged people to wear masks to decrease the spread of the coronavirus. Numerous states have also instituted mandates for people to wear masks when in public. Nevertheless, since at least the beginning of September, posts have spread on Facebook and Instagram calling for a mass rejection of masks on September 15, getting at least tens of thousands of engagements combined. The posts have often used a handful of memes that encourage people to “throw that filthy thing away” or “burn your masks” on September 15 because “we the people have decided that the masks are no longer mandatory.” One such meme was shared by a congressional candidate who supports the QAnon conspiracy

Masked 2020

so everyone in this RabbitHole who is going to burn their Mask on September 15th? raise your hand.........want a mess.....Vote Blue Biden-Harris in 2020 in hope 4 a tad of clarity....

The Independent Voter

Yet another confirmation that this is a scamdemic. Defy this terrible governor and open this county up NOW. Enough is enough!

Masked 2020

bring back the Ryan of a month ago.. the flu season will soon be upon us.....“We need to open Kern County. We need to get businesses back operating and open and key to doing that is taking this virus seriously, understanding that it’s here, it’s spreading, and that it will continue to spread for months,” said Chief Administrative Officer Ryan Alsop. “We need to do everything we can to continue to manage this and to maintain capacity. The key to doing that is maintaining all of these great public health practices. The sooner we do that as a society, as a region, the quicker we get back open.”


I say open it up, if people don't want to confirm to the new rules that's on them


Is this administrative officer that uninformed of how complex and changing the coronavirus is, or is he playing to Trump supporters. Gov. Newsom doesn't have a crystal ball that he can look into and see how Covid-19 will change in the future. He has to play it as it lays, every day he's in office.

Masked 2020

Ryan is such a bellyacher, complainer, crybaby, grumbler, moaner, sniveller, squawker Types: kvetch (Yiddish) a constant complainer ...I mean really......go with it dude....everyone can have a test..... so do them...its time to play ball...or it may be time to admit you don't have what it takes to get us out of this....like UncleDon sez....you've drank to much of his Kool-Aid

The Independent Voter

Alsop is the bellyacher? Seriously? From what I'm reading here, sure looks like it's the pouty progressives TRIGGERED. Truth seems to always unnerve you looney lefties, Unmasked. How much fun you all must have been at parties before The Guv confined us to our homes and locked down our lives. Trust me, pal, there will be he11 to pay for the past six months. Just wait.


Whining will not fix the problem. This is all emotional.

Adapt and overcome.


"Adapt and overcome,".......EXACTLY!!!


Then don't try to Trump the statistics to fit your narrative. The Governor has 40 million Californians to worry about. Don't Trump up the effort.


Thank you!


Don’t lie and twist statistics to fit your narrative, coming from you ‘deeb, who is one of the worst ones on here for doing that, is hilarious! And the ‘Guv’ doesn’t give a rat’s behind about any of the 39.5 million Californians. He’s got the blood of over 14,000 on his hands, based on your criteria of responsibility. Your facts....


That's 40 million crappy Californians.


Open up omg!!!! CDC reported 94% of deaths were NOT due to Covid but other medical issues. And most were elderly with underlying issues. 158,000 died yet only 6% died directly from Covid. That 6,000 people folks. We’ve been lied to!!! All business need to open up and the County needs to fight and support them. Otherwise these Supervisors need to be voted out!!!!

The Independent Voter

Amen, Airdog. This is all bull and needs to stop.


Airdog44:. What? 6,000 instead of 158,000 ? You know what, I have a house for sale for $ 450,000. but you can think it's only $ 140,000. Want to buy?

The Independent Voter

Follow the news, Lily rose. No, the REAL news. Airdog's numbers are correct per the CDC.

The Independent Voter

Actually, I had read about 9,000... But close enough.


Yeah. Sure. THAT’s why FatZBOY is on tape admitting he was playing down the numbers. Why would he have to “play them down” if they were already down? You dummy!


Yup yer right. You been lied to. FatBoy is on tape. Admitting that he lied to you AND put you and FAMILY at risk. I’d be really mad at someone protecting THEIR family and telling THEM the truth then lying to me and putting MY family at risk.

But NO. Keep sniffy his crusty drawers as yer wife n kids look at you over dinner like you are crazy. She gonna chest on you for betraying the family. Likely seeking an Urban Legend Alison as we speak. Pow!! She will never look at you the same again. Otis done shown her the light. And THAT is what this whole partisan thing is about. Your fears of Otis thrilling yer women like you are incapable of. Ya gotta have the tools in the tool chest to compete. If ya don’t... bye-bye wifey. Lol. And the young generation of women love that rap music and Bad Boyz. Yup. Open yer arms and welcome Otis & Raythel into yer families. Ya cannot stop passion. Lol


You obviously were pretty high or drunk or both by this point. You made absolutely no sense. I don’t know if I should feel pity for you or laugh.


I would laugh! He has some mental problems.

Gene Pool Chlorinator

He brings it upon himself- laugh your a$$ off... :)

The Independent Voter

If you're a kid, we have proof Distance Learning is a failure. If you're an adult, we have proof you've simply grown up to BE a failure.

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