A sixth person died from COVID-19, Kern County Public Health Services Department said Wednesday morning. 

There have 875 confirmed coronavirus cases in Kern, with 19 new cases announced Wednesday, according to public health data. While 28 of those patients are being treated at local hospitals, 348 are being isolated at home and 484 have recovered from the virus.

There have been nine non-county residents who tested positive for the virus while in Kern, according to the public health services department.

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How hard is to throw in a RIP?


The whole idea of social distancing is simple.

Get to the point that every infected person is infecting LESS than one other person. Then, you can track it, and squash it.

By staying home you help that.

This virus, when left unchecked, infects 3 people for every 1 person infected. THAT is how you destroy your economy. THAT is how you overwhelm your health care system.

Use your brains people.




Now that more people are using the same figures to look at this. Apply the current mortality rate of a whopping 0.69% to the population of the county and you'll see 6,237 deaths. Statistically insignificant, but then again it only takes 3% of the population to cause a revolution. The retired population here is largely conservative and votes. A 3% change in voters could significantly alter the political face of this county. I wonder what happens when the old guard passes away. Im sure the millennials will keep up the good fight.

Independent Voter

I'm not an old man, muciom. Nice try, though.


Not everything is about you.

But frankly, when I first posted numbers I was told that I must work for the who or the gates foundation. Now many people are using those same statistics to try to end quarantine. It's interesting to observe flip flopping reactions to the same data. But the reality is some people already have their minds made up. It doesn't matter what the numbers are. Im not talking to those people. The numbers are the numbers. 0.69% = way more deaths than the flu if we had 100% infection rate in the county. We don't. Even new York only has an estimated 20% infection rate. Anyone who believes they have a moral obligation to do their part to protect those unable to protect themselves should continue wearing face coverings.

Independent Voter

Thank you for your thoughts, muciom.


You first said 45,000 will get infected and some 1,350 will die from this virus with mortality rate at 3%. Dweeb at 5% was more pessimistic and extra dramatic. Now you are saying "if" there is a 100% infection rate in KC with .69% death rate there will be some other number, around 6,000 dead. Which is it? New York has nothing to do with how Bakersfield looks or behaves, (apples and oranges) so that point is not worth addressing. Mayor Goh and De Blasio are night and day--only one has blood on their hands. In Bakersfield how many hospital beds are empty, available, ICU beds, active cases, asymptomatic infection cases? How many have developed antibodies? You don't know any of these numbers. Yet you keep talking. Of the 6 dead patients how many were listed with comorbidities or "probable" Covid-19 causes? What treatments were they on, if any, and for how many days? What was the average age, weight, smokers or non smokers, lung capacity, male, female, ethnicity, etc. Etc. I stopped posting here days ago because 5th grade teachers have too much time on their hands these days. Call be back in August and keep track of all death statistics, not just for this virus. See which numbers go up and which go down. I'll stick to my original 45-60 deaths from Covid-19 by Aug. I will always hope I'm wrong and take the under. One more stat for you to look up: what was the infection rate and death rate last flu season in KC, WITH vaccine available.


Oh no, the death rate has increased to .0069 (6 deaths out of 866 cases). You have a greater chance of being killed while driving to the doctors to be tested for COVID 19 than dying from it. If you aren't obese, diabetic, and/or have high blood pressure you have very little chance of becoming seriously ill. Of course, since 42% of all Americans are obese, then maybe you should stay locked down.

Inconvenient Truth

With this 6th Death, Kern County’s rate of ‘Deaths per 100,000 Residents’ rockets up to 0.675 per 100,000.

Yep, that’s FAR fewer deaths than ANY of the 50 States (even Hawaii):



Just shows what a great job Governor Newsom did in being the 1st to order a statewide shutdown. THANKS GUV!

Inconvenient Truth

Too bad you can’t do math, science OR logic, Moardeeb.

First: Correlation is NOT causation. You give credit to Newsom’s shutdown for reducing deaths.

If that were true, please explain how Los Angeles County’s Covid Death rate is currently MORE THAN 15 TIMES HIGHER than Kern County’s. (Last time I checked, Los Angeles was part of California.)

Second, how do you explain that the entire state of Arkansas (population 3.2 million) only has 56 deaths AND NEVER IMPOSED ANY LOCKDOWNS? That’s a Death rate of only 1.75 per 100,000 (one of the lowest in the nation).

I realize that discussing science, math and logic is wasted on you, but do try to keep up...


Too bad you can't do math, understand science, OR have any logic, Truth,

California has 36 counties with a population of 100,000 or more. Arkansas has 7 counties with a population of 100,000 or more. Do you have any understanding of community spread? Correlation is not causation. Correlation leads to the cause. Los Angeles county has a population of over 10 million. Kern County has a population of about 880 thousand. Los County's population IS ALMOST 15 TIMES HIGHER Kern county's. I realize that discussing science, math, and logic is wasted on you, but do try to keep up...

äänestys sininen 2020

Hey "Gary'....... show your math..... is "YOU" just Kern County or all Americans... no cherry-picking now .......

äänestys sininen 2020

hey Gary.... define "You"........."consideration of the new statistics, you"

Comment deleted.

It's called HIPAA and it "protects individual privacy of personal health records", including yours.


All we want from the KC Health Admin. Staff, is where are the specfic hotspots of Bakersfield and this Covid19. As far HIPPA LAW, the communities are NOT asking for personal or private information related to those who are positive, specifically area's that can tell us that those hotspot of individual that are asymptomatic thus telling us too stay away from those area's. We are doing are part staying at home, we are entitled to know the specific Covid19 hotspot locations of Kern County .


State of FL provides break down of COVID-19 cases by county and zip code.

Also by gender and age. Why can’t we know of any hot spots to take extra caution?


How many of the cases are new cases and how many are out of the ones that have been pending since the test takes so long to get results.

Gary Crabtree

In consideration of the new statistics, you have a 1:1040 chance of contracting the virus and 1:151,667 chance of dying.

Independent Voter

Thank you, Gary. Maskless I shall remain.


See, that's what happens when anyone says or implies it's OK to go without a mask. People jump on anything to do what they want to do, until it's too late.

Independent Voter

You do what you need to do, JR. I do what I need to do. If you are masked, gloved, sheathed in plastic and coated with antibiotic ointment, you are well-protected from me or any other foul "spreader", right? Unless... Unless... YOU are out roaming in violation of the "cower-in-place" order!! In any case, what do you care if I wear a mask? Or nylons or booties or whatever?


Do us all a favor and wear a mask.

Independent Voter


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