KCF Scholarships

Ann Gordon Bigler, left, and Nancy Leonetti Dunn-Reed, right, present the East Bakersfield High Class of ’57 – Ron Robison Memorial Scholarship to East High graduates last year. Erick Plata Torres, Anthony Alejo and Montserrat Garcia Herrera received $7,000 in Kern Community Foundation scholarships.

The Kern Community Foundation is now accepting applications for dozens of scholarships it offers to high-school seniors and college students.

Seniors interested in the scholarships must submit an application to the foundation by March 1. Students who have received scholarships in the past and are still pursuing a degree can apply for renewal starting on Feb. 14.

“The most important thing for us — the best return on investment — is that these kids actually get through college,” said Kern Community Foundation President/CEO Kristen Beall. “We really want students to know that we’re here as a support for them as they navigate this new experience in life.”

High-school students need only apply once, after which the foundation will check for eligibility across its selection of scholarships. The scholarships will not displace any federal aid that they receive.

Beall said the foundation will consider grade-point averages, household income, class performance and other factors when selecting students for scholarships.

In previous years, the foundation handed out $600,000 worth of scholarships. Beall said she expects the foundation to give out a comparable amount this year.

Students will be notified if they have earned a scholarship in May during school award ceremonies, Beall said.

Application forms can be found at https://bit.ly/2TAXEIl.

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