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Katila Nash, along with David Moses, not pictured, was convicted of murder in the death of 81-year-old Dorothy Session. They were in court in August 2018 for a hearing regarding resentencing since the laws on sentencing juveniles have changed.

Katila Nash, who was convicted of taking part in the murder of an 81-year-old east Bakersfield woman when she was 15 years old, is set to be released from prison any day now, said her father, Floyd Nash. 

She was convicted of the 2010 murder of Dorothy Session along with two other teenagers and sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. Under her sentencing, Katila Nash wasn't eligible for parole until 2030. However, recent changes to youth prosecution laws have altered her course drastically.

Katila Nash's case first became eligible for review under Proposition 57, approved by voters in 2016, which now requires prosecutors to ask a juvenile court judge to decide whether juvenile defendants age 14 and older can be tried as adults. Prosecutors previously had the sole right to make that decision, given to them under Proposition 21, which passed in March 2000.

Then earlier this year, the California State Legislature passed Senate Bill 1391, which bars children ages 14 and 15 from being tried as an adult for certain serious offenses, including murder.

As a result, Nash's case would have to be considered by a juvenile court. However, since she is now 25, she has aged out of the juvenile court's jurisdiction. 

"There’s no way for her to be tried as an adult … and because she’s 25 already, the juvenile court basically said we don’t have the authority to do anything," said Joseph Kinzel, a deputy district attorney and spokesman for the Kern County District Attorney's Office.

Both the Kern County Superior Court's juvenile and adult divisions have ordered Nash, currently held at the Central California Women's Facility in Chowchilla, to be released, Kinzel said.

Katila Nash and her sister, Angelique, who was 17 at the time and also sentenced to 25 years to life, were runaways at the time of Session's death. The third teenager involved, David Deshawn Moses, also 17 at the time, was sentenced to life without parole. During trial prosecutors stated that Moses beat Session to death after he and Katila Nash talked their way into her home in order to rob her, while Angelique Nash stood watch outside. 

While neither Angelique nor Katila Nash physically harmed Session, they were charged with murder under a legal rule that allows others to be charged with murder when someone dies during the commission of a serious crime. In this case, it was alleged the teenagers intended to burglarize Session. The felony murder rule has also been tweaked by legislation since the teens' sentencing.

Floyd Nash said his daughter is happy about her impending release.

"I believe the charges from the beginning were wrong for all of them," Floyd Nash said, adding that he felt racism played a role in the prosecutions. "But the only way they get all three of them was to lie and say it was what it was."

Judy Stone, a neighbor of Session's, called Katila Nash's release "a rotten deal." 

"She'd have given them everything she had if they just asked her for it," Stone said, adding that Session was a sweet, Christian lady who loved to help others. 

Stone said she recently spoke with Session's daughter, Elaine Covert, who mentioned how upset she was at hearing Katila Nash may soon be released.

SB 1391, the new law that led to Katila Nash's impending release, has been controversial and is scheduled to be taken up by the California Supreme Court. Four state appellate courts have upheld the law, and Attorney General Xavier Becerra supports their decision, but one has disagreed with respect to murder, according to a recent San Francisco Chronicle story. The law has also been opposed by prosecutors, including the Kern County District Attorney's office.

"A lot of people may not know, it doesn't matter what someone does ... They could go on a murder spree" and not be charged as an adult, Kinzel said of the law.

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She Dee

An old quote from the 1700's comes to mind. "To err is Human. To forgive is Divine". I guess only that which is Divine can forgive. We humans never seem to forget. The Dorothy Sessions that I remember would have been far more forgiving of her attackers than we humans seem to be. Let's not let her death be remembered with hate. I have no doubt she is watching over those in need of some love. Merry Christmas to all & to all a good night.


Trying to compare past mistakes such as being convicted of drug offenses or being a thief to the past mistake of being a convicted murderer is the epitome of the idiom comparing apples and oranges. They killed an 81 year old defenseless woman who was a wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Nobody cares about your past mistakes or what you feel passionate about. The murderer has not paid her debt for such a heinous crime, but c’est la vie in the Golden State these days.


Our society lives in a double standard. If this 14 year old engaged in a consensual sexually act, she is considered too young to know what she was doing. Yet, if it involves a criminal act, she’s an adult.


Are you really comparing a 14 year old victim of molestation to a 14 Year old criminal who participated in the murder of a defenseless elderly woman? You should stop making comments on these articles because you are making yourself look foolish.

She Dee

I suspect even the written word is beyond the scope of a person who has never been in a violent crime environment.

She Dee

A lot of us have made mistakes in our younger days. We must live with what we took part in forever in our memories. I only hope that the years she spent in prison haven't turned her into a bitter person. The system is not perfect, but at least she is able to start her life over & I wish her all the good the world has to offer her & a big air hug from a woman who knows what it's like to make poor choices. I hope the community can give her another chance too.


Yeah yeah. The Bleeding Heart “I-been-through-heck-self-Pitt routine from Shee-Dee yet one episode again. Sheesh. Get counseling. In fact perhaps a commitment would help the moving on one needs to thrive. God Bless

Now: this savage and her sister acted as savages. The Boy did the heavy lifting, but the girls were in it FOR PROFIT. Period. End of story.

The Father of the convicted murdering savage girls plays the race card. Meh. That is pure vomit. It’s just like the criminal auto-default to “umm I was abused when I was very wittle. Very very wittle”!! Shame on you. Obvious it was that ignorant attitude employed when raising your murderous little darlings. But it was The System that convicted them ya say. Ha! She going back soon. They all do. Good riddance

She Dee

Well Mrknowitall, this nasty comment of yours is proof that you are a class act of hatred. Someone should add that to your final epitaph...should you ever get a headstone and/or a public obituary notice. You are the one of the main reasons why I am ashamed of my race. SHAME ON YOU.


Thank Yo our!

And what race was that? I’m never racial. Sounds kooky to me. Ta-ta!! BTW. Quit trolling.

She Dee

From the hate mail I am receiving after my first comment, you'd think we really were back in 1968. How we treat people has an impact on their success or failure rate after incarceration. I speak from personal 1st hand experience. I urge MS NASH & he family to move to a new location so they can start fresh & be free of the Kern County Hate Society of citizens who seem to be waiting for them. I hope they can get some Police Protection from the Haters if they decide to stay in Bakersfield. Somehow, I don't see that happening. I could be wrong. I want to be wrong. Sheesh.


yeah.......laws were pretty messed up law back then...."California law on sentencing juveniles to life in prison without the possibility of parole is being reexamined due to a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision. Except for Somalia, South Sudan and the United States, most countries in the world prohibit juveniles from being sentenced to life without the possibility of parole when the juvenile offender committed the crime when he or she was under 18 years of age. Criminal defense attorneys throughout the United States including California have fought very hard not only to get not guilty verdicts in murder or similar cases holding life penalties without parole for juveniles but also to get such sentences reduced based upon the juvenile’s age. Not until the United States Supreme Court case of Miller v. Alabama in 2012 have juveniles had a fair chance at sentencing to obtain a sentence of less than life without the possibility of parole. In the Miller v. Alabama case, the United States supreme court found that mandatory life sentences without parole of juveniles was unconstitutional explaining that juveniles should be treated differently than adults when it comes to serious felony charges." 2014


I hope she sees that poor ladies face in her dreams every night for the rest of her life!!..And to the father..You cant blame everything on race nobody forced her to take part in this crime!!!




Another one inducted into the food stamp world now we had to support her in jail now in the community.


Mr Nash let me ask u this .. what if the tables were turned. You wouldn't be happy would u ? She should be locked up and the key thrown out . You have your welcome home party for your sweet innocent daughter. She is a convicted murder . You should be ashamed you have two convicted murderers that are your worthless waste of space and air 😠 I hope karma comes at them 10 fold


Liberalism is the normalization of immoral and deviant behavior.


Any little crevice or tight window of opportunity to pitch your conservative agenda.

What a sick, perhaps even perverted mind-set that is compulsively driven to scream politics on a completely unrelated topic. I’ll pray for you my child. Happy Holidays from Mr. Knowitall, the beacon of compassion feels your twisted soul’a pain. May peace find it’s way into your black 🖤


Racism, yeah sure. That's why your daughter is a murderer, because she was raised so well

Comment deleted.

I am scared to have her living in my city which I guess she will be. Having her residing in my neighborhood?, I would feel like I need to sell my house and move!


This loser should rot in jail until she is dead.


God Bless the Californian for elevating head writing above an account of the young woman’s actual role in the murder. Much easier to buy into the thought of she’s a witch, than to consider who is.

Take action Now

They were runaways- Hey Mr. Floyd Nash ,you must have been a Great dad with both your daughters runaways. Then you want to cry racism.

California is out of control - with people like Gov. Newsum making a moritorium on the death penalty, which he never talked about during the election. I hope is family becomes the victims of a violent crime. Let’s see how he starts to sing another tune- hey you jerk you’ll never get re-elected people will remember. All you bleeding heart liberals don’t cry when you become a victim of crime.


The article is wrong regarding SB1391. Ex-governor Jerry Brown signed that bill in Sept of 2018. It did NOT just become a law this year. Newsom is a quintessential idiot who has signed many stupid bills, but this one isn't on him.

All Star

Now she can get out, get married, (to either a man or a woman), get a job at McDonald's, and spit in the hamburger of an officers order.


Amen to that .. your spot on right on that one


[ohmy] In my humble opinion, she has no right to live out her life in freedom. She has no right to live out her life in jail either. People who are proven to be murderers without a doubt need to be put to death.



Take action Now

Amen to that. You take a life - you give a life.

Take action Now

Amen to that. California has people on death row for over 30+ years and they raped and killed children. God Bless Texas - they take care of business.


Yes, while taxpayers pay for their housing, food and medical care...


Yep. An eye for an eye.


The changes came AFTER the conviction! Where are the consequences for PLANNING and KILLING an EIGHTY THREE YEAR OLD woman? No wonder all the little smarty-pants-one-liners scream that they are being picked on when called out for being stupid. The 83 year old woman wasn't picked on? CONSEQUENCES need to be applied and kept. She can get out when the woman they killed walks out her front door. There is a reason for rules. The consequences give one a point for thought. "Gee, remember those three kids who wormed their way into that ladies house and killed her? Well the girl got out way early so what have I got to lose? You can even still vote when you get out! Then we can change those rules too!"

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