Sabrina Limon shortly before taking the stand to testify in her defense in the shooting death of her husband, Robert Limon. File photo.

The jury in the murder trial of Sabrina Limon completed its first day of deliberations Wednesday, sending three notes to the court during the course of the day.

In the first note, the jury asked to examine a snow globe Jonathan Hearn, Limon's lover, bought her after fatally shooting her husband on Aug. 17, 2014, according to Judge John R. Brownlee. 

The second note, Brownlee said, asked for read back of a portion of the testimony from Sept. 19. And the third note asked for clarification on the attempted murder charge against Limon. 

The prosecution alleges Limon plotted with Hearn, a former Redlands firefighter, in the death of her husband so they could live together. She's charged with first-degree murder, among other charges, and faces life in prison if convicted. 

Limon's attorney, Richard Terry, argued Hearn's word is the only direct evidence against his client. He has repeatedly noted during trial that Hearn received a plea deal sparing him life in prison for his testimony.

Terry said Hearn influenced his client, trusting and and leaning on him for support after her husband's death, not realizing he was a "calculating, cold-blooded killer." He said Hearn acted alone in the planning and execution of her husband's murder. 

Although arrested with Hearn in 2014, Limon was released two days later due to insufficient evidence. She was rearrested in January when Hearn confessed and agreed to testify.

Hearn directed investigators where to find the arsenic trioxide he said he and Limon plotted to use in poisoning her husband months before the shooting. He testified he mixed the arsenic with banana pudding and gave it to Limon to send to work with her husband.

He testified she gave it to her husband, but later that day he and Limon became concerned about getting caught. She called her husband and told him to throw out the pudding because the bananas went bad, Hearn said.

The attempted murder charge stems from the alleged poisoning attempt. 

According to Hearn's testimony, they then decided to wait a couple months before the second murder attempt. He said they determined he would directly confront 38-year-old Robert Limon.

Hearn shot Robert Limon twice at a Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway office in Tehachapi where he was working. 

The jury returns Thursday at 9 a.m.

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